Friday, 21 September 2018

To Do List 28


Feels nice to be back writing things down again, not sure anyone is actually interested in reading my to do lists but it is making me feel like I am doing something for myself not just being a mum!

Had a very tiring week this week though, my fiance has been away with work and I am used to sharing the night wake ups (yes still 2-3 a night at 18 months- booooooo) but obviously couldn't this week so I am ready for the weekend without a doubt!

It has been a few weeks since my last one and I have crossed a few off - mainly finishing my main bunting. Just chairs to go.

I worked out I have cut about 1500 bunting flags in total. This wedding best be good!!!

This is my new list

In other news - yesterday I booked my hen do to Benidorm (classy!) and my honeymoon to Vegas - YESSS!

Very excited!

Have a nice weekend folks
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