Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Apologies for starting and then just finishing...

Hi Everyone!

I don't think I have many readers on here but it looks a poor show when I start a blog, do two posts and then disappear so please accept my apologies!

When I started this blog I was unemployed and desperately seeking work, unfortunately nothing became available in a biology field in lovely Yorkshire and I had to broaden my search. This has resulted in moving to London! I moved here for a temporary job at a university and moved into a shared house (OMG London rent is RIDICULOUS!)...basically me and my yummy Mr have been living in one room in a shared house and certainly no room for my sewing machine/fabric stash/patterns/books or a sofa or dining I have gone cold turkey from sewing- and hated every second of it!

A temporary job allowed me to apply for a permanent job and I am now working as a Lab Manager at a London university - and LOVE it which also means we can now move into our own place in two days (wooooo!)

I have kept involved as much as I can with the sewing world - reading as many blogs as possible, pinning LOTS of patterns, fabrics and sewing inspiration and subscribing to magazines such as Love Sewing and Burda and I also have been to some knitting classes but am unsure if it is for me! 

I also have visited Galdhawk Road and cannot wait to do some fabric shopping! I also think I am going to sign up to some sewing classes but will have to see how funds go as I might decide it on fabric - my wardrobe is in dire need of updating!

Unfortunately my machine and stash will not be moving in until towards the end of June but I am wanting to get a few inspiration posts up before then.

I have high hopes for my sewing and as I am reading all the Me-Made-May-15 pledges and feeling well-jel I am going to modify the pledge for an early Me-Made-May-16 pledge and hope it runs again next year!

 'I, Kristy of Scientific Sewing, endeavour over the next 12 months to make as many wearable homemade items of clothing as possible to allow me to participate in Me-Made-May-'16'

Hope you have enjoyed reading my update and cannot wait to update you with some makes!

Kristy xxx

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