Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Sewing Box

Hello Lovely People,

I am back at work after a very nice and much needed 5 days off - a trip to Newcastle for one of my best friends 30th birthday party (unfortunately I didn't get her cross stitch finished on time, once finished I will share). The party involved quite a lot of alcohol, lots of dancing, some very sore feet and most surprisingly, not a very sore head the next day!
I then went home, spent time with my Mam, my Grandad (quite upset me seeing how old he has got in 5 months), my surrogate Mam (Mums best friend) and saw my friend that has been living in Hong Kong for 2 years so that was lovely! We headed back to London on Monday night as my gorgeous BF had a job interview yesterday (fingers crossed) and I managed to have a play on my sewing machine!!! YAY! My little Brother lives with me now!!

Here he is sat on my new sewing table in my bedroom - was VERY excited!

I also got my sewing box and all my other sewing related stuff so before I have anything actually sewn I thought I would share the contents of this loveliness:

This little Lady was gifted to me by my Mum one christmas and I love her!

The top tray has a lot of crap in it and this really isn't the best picture, so there is a 15cm metal ruler, a seam gauge, a fold up metre ruler, some thread snippers, a seam ripper, a couple of erasers and tape measures and a section full of chalk

This Prym Chalk Wheel is a new addition, I used it yesterday and I have to say it was brilliant, so easy to use, unfortunately they only do the two colours, white and yellow, I would like a blue one but definitely worth it and I think it will last forever!

This tracing wheel and carbon paper gets used all the time, the chalk wheel above actually traces through too so maybe my wheel will become obsolete but I have used it a lot before now.

Sewing feet - clockwise from 12 o'clock: walking foot (just bought and no idea how to set up!) invisible zip foot, overlock foot, seam guide (I don't use this anymore but was very useful when learning to sew), zipper foot, teflon foot (never used), bias binding foot (new addition after watching the Great British Sewing Bee and not used yet) and invisible hemming foot.

Bobbin case and two bias tape makers, I cannot remember the finished widths so will have to test these out again.

A Cath Kidston pin box that was a gift and a magnetic pin dish, this is actually a builders tool not a pretty pin dish but it does the job and it is one of the best things I have, never use my pin cushion anymore!

Cutting tools - fabric scissors (really should invest in some better ones but I think these just work fine!), pinking shears (an Ikea £7 bargain!), paper scissors and a rotary cutter. I also have a cutting mat that isn't as big as I would like.

Another new purchase but I used it 3 times yesterday for tracing patterns so I think it may be useful. French curves seem to be really expensive, This was from here on amazon, and I don't think it is a great one but I do not know! Seems useful

This is my box of crap! Threads and random zips I have picked up along the way, quite handy to just put away now I don't have a dedicated space. I probably should start buying better quality threads...

and just another purchase I just couldn't not buy!! I just need to go fabric shopping again so it can get some use!!

How do you stop yourself with sewing related impulse buys? I cannot stop myself...any tipes greatly welcome!

After playing around with all these toys I went on to make a muslin of the Colette Laurel, well I made 2 muslins as had to do quite a bit of adjustments but more on that next time...

Happy sewing and as always, thanks for reading!

Kristy xxx

Friday, 12 June 2015

Sewing Inspiration - Laurel and M6959

Happy Friday!

I hope you are all well! Not sure there are that many people reading this, but to those that are, thank you very much!

Well the sun is out in London today, it's Friday and my stinking cold is finally subsiding so I am in a good mood!

I have been very quiet at work this morning and playing around on Pinterest wayyy too much and have been picking out some sewing inspiration....

I think my first pattern to master will be the Colette Laurel - it is simple lines and hopefully one where fit is not too scary! I know I will have to do an FBA and I think I will have to get rid of a gaping armhole, this has been the big problem that I didn't know how to fix when trying to sew last year - and now I know about this it is all I can see on my current ready to wear clothes!

All these pictures have come from Pinterest Laurel board - along with other inspiration

I would love to get this fit perfect as I think this pattern could be made to look so different, can be hacked into colour blocking and different shapes. It can be dressed up or down or work appropriate. I cannot wait to get started!!

The other inspiration is McCalls M6959 which I don't own, yet. I love a good wrap dress, I think this pattern can be made amazing, hopefully I will take a lot of inspiration from the styles of DVF without the price tag!

Again look at this Pinterest M6959 inspiration board for all links and more dresses

I would love to try make this into a top too? The gingham wrap top (another DVF) is my ideal wardrobe - LOVE it! M6959 is a woven dress, I would like to move into jersey but one small step at a time! Again, all the colours, styles and fabric choices can transform this into some amazing clothes...

and it is this kind of thinking and planning is why sewing your own clothes must be amazing and I cannot wait to jump in!!!
I really enjoy looking at a pattern and imagining it in all different scenarios of fabric and tweaking of the pattern to copy looks I have seen - and your amazing blogs and pinterest as well as a good old google image search just feeds this enjoyment!

11 days until my little Brother comes and lives with me in London!

Where do you find your sewing inspiration from?

Thanks for reading,
Kristy xx

p.s. all collages were made using PicMonkey :)
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