Thursday, 23 July 2015

Scout, Delphine and a Clemence

Hello lovely peeps, how are you today?

Unfortunately I have been laid up in bed with some sort of virus since the weekend - yuk. Definitely no pictures of me in any clothes of late as I don't want to scare the internet!

I am back at work today and being very productive by writing this blog post...

Grainline Scout Tee

I muslined this before hand cut a size 16 with a substantial FBA and all seemed well. I then cut this all kinds of wrong. Notice the extra stripe down the middle? Had to add that as I didn't cut the centre on the fold. This basically means the front is huge (strangely not over the bust though which makes me think I need an even bigger FBA - this doesn't bother me as the dart isn't massive on me yet), the neckline doesn't lay straight and I can tell straight away that this is due to the extra slice of fabric in the middle so not worried about that. I did wear this though and had to take it off as was really uncomfortable around my back/shoulder blades. It didn't feel tight until I sat at my laptop to work for the day and I felt really restricted. Don't worry Scout, I am not giving up on you, I think i am going to keep persevering with this pattern as I know I would wear the hell out of it if I can get it right!

Delphine Skirt No 2

Apologies for the worst picture ever...

So I made the mistake of making this in the viscose I bought thinking it maybe be flowy - its not, its frumpy. It came together as easy as the first really but the hem is really heavy with double folding. I may unpick this and have a go with my invisable hem foot for practise as unfortunately I don't think I will be wearing this skirt. Just not for me.

Clemence Skirt

Again a bad pic but my phone did not want to take a clear picture whatsoever of this skirt. This is the Clemence Skirt from Tilly and the Buttons 'Love at First Stitch' book. What as easy make!!! Again this should be in a thicker material but I was desperate to wear something summery 2 weekends ago for beer garden drinks...I knocked this up in 2.5 hours! WIN! This is no where near as gathered as intended but I squeezed it out of a a metre of fabric and a non concealed zip I had in my stash. Covered in SPF 50 and my very white legs on show I was bouncing out of the house in my new handmade *squeel* skirt to show off to friends and as I got out of the door the zip completely bust ...

Yup I nearly cried. Hopefulyl my crying face is no where near as ugly as poor Dawsons but I was still upset!

So Clemence had to be removed and is currently awaiting some unpicking and a new zip putting in.

Sorry to post a bunch of fails on here but I wanted this blog to show my sewing journey so here it is in all its (non) glory!

I managed to get a Miette skirt (yet another Tilly and the Buttons pattern!) cut yesterday, hopefully will get some time to sew it up over the weekend.

What is on your cutting table?

Thanks making it through this long post!

Friday, 10 July 2015

Pattern Shopping

High five!

I was incredibly lucky to win a £25 voucher from the new sewing and craft online shop Weaver Dee they have a great collection of everything sewing related and the voucher has been burning a hole in my virtual pocket ever since! I originally thought I would use it towards an overlocker but today some sewing patterns happened to have dropped into my shopping basket so I decided to go ahead and buy them...

First up:

Well in my previous post I told you I couldn't stop thinking about it so now I have got it for free - EXCITED!

 I really like view A - this is a really simple skirt but as I am still learning I think this will be a good place to start - plus I have NO summer wardrobe. Pinterest has given me a good few ideas for this skirt:

Pinterest board has the links to each picture on there
I love the sequin idea for a hen do I have coming brain is now ticking!

 I looked at this for the skirt only to be honest, really like it, doesnt use much yardage either which is ALWAYS a bonus but interesting lines. I actually like the dress too but we shall see - but for just under £3 it is a bargain


This is in search of a perfect everyday top, I really wanted a V neck top so hopefully this will fit the bill!

and I have taken a bit of a chance on this, I think this just may suit me, I like the strappy version better and like the contrasting fabrics. It will cover up my belly without making me look like im in a maternity dress hopefully while being able to do a decent FBA! Yuk to curvy problems!

Last week I also bought Tilly and the Buttons Miette 

I didn't really think this was for me but the more I thought about everyday wearing clothes the more I liked this! I think I would like to do a hack of removing the ties though as I will never wear a top tucked in (more curvy girl problems!) so may just add too much bulk...decisions

Just would like to say a massive Thank You to Weaver Dee for the voucher, it has made Friday a much happier place today!

I have also bought a book on fit, I read an exert on shoulder fit somewhere on the web today and seemed very easy to understand while explaining why it needs to be done

Fast Fit: Easy Pattern Alterations for Every Figure - Sandra Betzina
I did buy it off of eBay though, I will let you know how I get on with it. Now someone PLEASE take my bank cards away, change my PayPal password and disable ALL 'add to cart' buttons before I have to declare bankruptcy and kick my boyfriend out of our home to make way for all this sewing related stuff...

Many thanks!

Happy weekend people! 

Song of the day - Friday I'm in Love by The Cure - ENJOY!

Monday, 6 July 2015

Sewing is hard...

Hello lovely readers!

Just a quick post to let you know I haven't disappeared from the Blogosphere yet again!

There is no pictures in this post so just a quick update of what I have been doing...

  • A muslin of Colette Laurel
Not 100% this pattern is for me, the neckline is very high and in turn makes my boobs look even bigger, I really do not need extra help in that department. I think I got the pattern down ok after FBAs and added length. I need to work on drawing a new neckline
  • A muslin of Grainline Scout Tee 
Again FBA'd and lengthened. I prefer this one to Colette. I started to make this in some stripey cotton from Fabric Shopping 2 (second pic) but I cut this all kinds of wrong - cut on the fold down the middle, I have tried to add a contrast strip down this middle but think this is going to make the top massive. I just have to add the sleeves and hem and try it on. Will hopefully finish this tonight.

  • Delphine the Second
I am using the navy blue spotty fabric I previously bought, this is way too lightweight for this pattern but I am in desperate need of some summer clothe and hopefully it will just be a drapey easy to wear skirt. I just need to add the facing and hem this. Again would love to get this finished tonight. 

  • Scrappy quilt
Following in the steps of Fiona at Sewing vs Knitting I have been keeping my scraps from the grainline tee and delphine skirt and will be making some small squares to start a quilt collection for myself. Trying not to see this as a quick project I want to try keep it on going and see how I go.

Also, if anyone can help. I really want a V-neck woven tank/vest top pattern. I cant ever recall seeing one apart from these from Burda

V-neck tank 06/2015

Silk tank 04/2015
Burda unfortunately doesn't do my size within their 'normal' range and their plus size ranges are generally made to look like tents. Does anyone have any suggestions for tops patterns of this description?

Thank you for reading and Happy Monday!
Kristy xx

P.S. Thought I would add a song of the day every now and then

Today is a nice summery one, don't bother watching just listen :)

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