Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Skirt of 6 Mistakes


I have the Friday feeling even though its Thursday! Three day weekend with one of my closest friends is looming. She has never been to London before, or ever been on a train on her own at 31 year old so it should be an experience her even getting here! A weekend of tourism and I want to show her some sights and some cool things to do so should be fun. Will mean no sewing though - always a downside to things!

Last Friday I started this skirt. I was planning on making another Seamwork Osaka out of this lovely seagull lined I bought aaaaages ago. When I bought this I really didn't know what I was buying so only had a metre. I did think this would be enough if cut it like I did my denim one, i.e. without the middle seams just 3 straight I started cutting.

I wanted to pattern match as much as possible...

Mistake No1 - Pattern Matching Fail
Didn't realise there was a strange pattern, the seagulls are separated by different numbers of red stripes. It was already cut before I realised I only matched up one line of seagulls. If I had have realised though I wouldn't have had enough fabric anyway!

Mistake No2 - Cutting the wrong pattern pieces
Instead of using the original pattern to cut out I used the traced pieces which I thought was the pattern for the 3 pieces instead of 6...I had actually cut out the lining pieces that attach to the facings not the outer this point I wasn't happy. but I really like this fabric and wanted to muster on. 

''Ok, it will have to be shorter than I thought, I just hope isn't indecent''

Then realised it won't wrap over as there was side seam facing too as you can see on my denim version below...

So I decided to use the back piece as the front of the skirt and the two front wrap pieces to make up the back and make a simple short skirt with a back zip.

It definitely needed lining so cut the facings for the bottom edge so no lining would peak out and
cut out this cute polycotton from my craft fabric stash for the lining

Mistake No3 - run out of lining material - make sure have enough lining to actually line the skirt before cutting. I didn't have even nearly enough.

This is the other part of the lining.

Mistake No 4 - even more terrible pattern matching at the zip.

Mistake No5 - somehow putting the zip in wrong with the lining and having zip ends showing. On a plus side the zip lays really flat at the other end.

Mistake No6 - forgetting to add darts.

I mean what the actual f*** was wrong with me on Friday?

So I added darts to this sits low on my hips - I never wear short tops so I am hoping this is less indecent but I am not sure I will wear it - maybe on holiday?

And yup this photograph is taken at a silly angle cos I really didn't want to put a bra on and do my hair/makeup on Sunday! Total tramp I know, but hey, what are Sundays for??

Not sure if I can bend over in this skirt without ensuring I have had a wax first. TMI? Sorry!

I have added this to my wearable list, for now. It may get removed if I don't wear it on my next holiday.

Thanks for reading about my mistakes!

Have a great weekend :)

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Flower Circle Skirt


I made this skirt for a wedding, a wedding I unfortunately couldn't attend - I bought a new top and a new matching handbag too - BOO!

I followed the same tutorial and pattern as I did for my previous circle skirt except this time I cut out 5 panels without any strips of fabric as I had enough fabric.

When I tried the skirt on the fabric was so drapey and lovely it showed all the lumps and bumps of my petticoat (from now on I will refer to this as my tutu - I love it!) so I knew I needed a lining but being on a fabric diet (and to be honest I didn't want to spend lots more money on it) I had to be resourceful.

So I attached this new circle skirt to my previous circle skirt at the waist, simply just pulled the elastic out, and sewed the new one to the old one with a long stitch so easy to unpick if I decide I need a black one again!

I was hoping to get some nice pictures at the wedding but as my other half was ill we didn't go :(

I am so sad I didn't get to wear it - hopefully I can wear it soon!

I wish tutu and circle skirts could be worn alllllll the time it feels lovely!

Thanks for reading this short post!

Kristy xxx

Monday, 25 July 2016

To Do List 12

Happy Monday!

How do they roll by so quickly?! My weekend was pretty uneventful, I was meant to be at a wedding on saturday by the other half was ill so we couldn't make it - was quite upset as wanted to see the gorgeous bride but these things happen.
I also didn't manage to get any nice pictures of the skirt I made for said wedding so will have to use the selfie ones I took whenever I blog it.

I didn't get much done sewing wise this week but here is the completed list:

12. Wedding skirt photographed (badly)
16. Made a plan of using stash fabrics
18. Downloaded chefs hat/apron patterns for kids
19. Bought ziplock bags to store fabrics in
- I also made a (kind of) Osaka skirt from my seagull fabric but that is a whole blog post to come.

4 out of 19 from last week - 21% - not too bad I don't suppose but it was a very short list - that has certainly changed....

I said I wasn't going to add my plans to my To Do List but I just couldn't help myself, it really helps me focus. The plans can change but I like a good list! 

Eeeshk last week was 19 on the list - this week 159!

I have decided to not join in on the Simplicity Bloggers Challenge. The dress looks wayyyy above my confidence levels and if I am being totally honest it is not a pattern I would have picked out anyway so I made that decision the other day.

I am not sure when I will blog another to do list - I have a friend staying Friday to Sunday so nothing will be going on at the weekend so I doubt much will get done and the weekend after we are having a Gin Party - excited!

Thanks for reading!
Kristy xxx

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

How To Use My Fabric Stash

This post is just a plan, organising my ideas into one place and by no means an extensive addition to #kristystodolist!

But these are the ideas floating around, but right now this is how I see me using my stash...which means I can end my fabric diet! In real life and not in the sewing world, as soon as I say 'diet' I crave chips, chocolate and pies and as soon as I have said 'fabric diet' I am craving Walthamstow, crepe and novelty prints! So I need to execute some self control and sew up a storm.

Here is the plan:

First up - the patterns I have already used before

An underlined TATB Delphine - *should* be a quick make as made before.

A seagull Seamwork Osaka, will have to concentrate on pattern matching at those seams.

I think this would make a gorgeous TATB Miette - it is just the right weight. But I don't know if I have enough of it with 1.5m. It may also need a lining so a bit more time consuming.

Simplicity 1364 - these should be a really quick make but I want to have a go rotating the dart on the pattern. I have LOTS of the turquoise so may attempt to rotate the pattern and try a wearable toile in that first before cutting the black and white.

I think this would also make a great Simplicity 1364

Cashmerette Concords -excited to see the end results of these

I have not made these patterns before so will take more time:

TATB Margot Pajamas from Love at First Stitch book - I have lent the book to a workmate so this cannot go ahead just yet but should be a straight forward make, except tracing the pattern looks a bit of a ball ache!

Seamwork Wembley would look good in these two ponte knits I think. The stripe maybe a bit thick though for a cardigan and be more jacket like.

These were bought with a Colette Aster in mind so would like to stick to that plan.

 I want to make this into a maxi skirt - I think I will try a quarter circle maxi like the one on the By Hand London site found here.

This was bought for a TATB Arielle so will stick to that.

I recently bought New Look 6123 off of eBay. I bought this pattern as when I finally get engaged I want to make my bridesmaid dresses and I really liked the look of this pattern (I am jumping the gun I know!) so I wouldn't mind having a go of it for myself and this gorgeous crepe would do the trick I think.

Right so there are the loose plans for 17 pieces of fabric. At my current sewing rate that will take me to about 2019 I think to get finished!

Well, like my To Do List every week this has actually given me some much needed motivation, hopefully won't be too warm in my flat tonight to do some cutting.

As always, thanks for reading my ramblings.
Kristy xxx

Monday, 18 July 2016

To Do List 11


Did you all have a great weekend? I spent tSaturday catching up with two friends; one is moving out of London as she is now officially a Doctor (and I couldn't be more proud of her) and one was visiting from the Netherlands and was amazing to catch up. Me and the Mr then went for a curry - pretty perfect Saturday! Yesterday was spent sweating in my flat doing boring domestic stuff and doing a little bit of sewing. I actually feel quite relaxed today despite a restless sleep due to the heat!

Not lots done this week really:

14. Wedding Circle Skirt sewn up
15. Wedding circle skirt seams bound (this is a bit of a lie but will explain on my blog about it)
16. Wedding circle skirt is hemmed
20. Baking paper bought
21. 2016 Challenges blog update

5 out of 23 done - 22% is not too bad!

So here is to this weeks!

Have a lovely week people!

Lets see how many of these I can get done! 

Kristy xxx

Thursday, 14 July 2016

My 2016 Sewing Challenges - A 6 Month Review


The weekend is in sight guys! And it is a lovely sunny day - bonus!

Just realised how British my first line of this blog always is - a weather update! I will try rectify at some point. Promise.

As we are half way through the year I thought I would give an update on the challenges I set myself back in January for the rest of 2016 which can be found here.

Fair warning there will be no new pictures on this post, just me warbling on. I also will not be linking my way through as it will be a pretty boring task - my successes are all linked on My Wardrobe page and my fails are in all their glory on My Fails page.

Challenge 1 - Perfect woven top.

I have attempted this one quite a lot. Colette Laurel failed - many times (not linking all the way through as its boring). But I do love the Simplicity 1364 and will be attempting to make a few more as soon as I can I think. I am not calling this a success yet though, lets see how further attempts go and I will let you know...

Challenge 2 - A wearable skirt

I think I am getting there - I love both my Seamwork Osakas. I also love my gingham skirts, the Miette and the Delphine. I now have acquired the TATB Arielle pattern and can see me making that too so this I will say is already a success! Yay!

Challenge 3 - A wrap dress

The only part of this challenge I have got to is buying the Cashmerette Appleton and printing it muslin it is on #kristystodolist. I will get there.

Challenge 4 - A shirt.

I own the Colette Aster. This is as far as I have got.

Chellenge 5 - Sew a vintage pattern.

Big fat tick! I did say I would count a reproduction as a vintage pattern and the Simplicity 1364 counts as that.

Challenge 6 - Sew using jersey/knit fabric

Another big fat tick! Cashmerette concord. I am eager to sew some more up. Just not so eager to cut the actual fabric, was a nightmare.

Challenge 7 - Sew a fancy dress

As in fancy pants dress not haloween fancy dress. Not done this yet but i have the perfect fabric lined up.

Challenge 8 - Sew a fly zip

I am not sure I am gong to get this done. It will involve buying a new pattern and fabric and I am on a stash/pattern diet for the time being but I am not going to worry too much about it, my sewing career will get here eventually.

Challenge 9 - Sew with leather

This has been on #kristystodolist for aaaages. I bought a leather coat, ripped it up, bought a handbag pattern and all the hardware. I have cut the lining fabric, I have cut the interfacing. I have yet to cut the leather or sew with it - I am a bit scared but I should think of how scared I was to use jersey and that worked out fine! I just need to crack on with it.

Challenge 10 - Upcycle into a garment.

Hmmmm well I bought a charity shop skirt, made it wearable. I have also bought the leather jacket above and hopefully will become a handbag. I am not sure if this is classed as upcycling? Do I need to be more adventurous?

In conclusion: 3 definitely done. 3 have been attempted or are in progress. 3 I have plans for just not yet started. And 1 I cannot see getting done this year.

Not too bad with 6 months to go!

Thanks for reading!
Kristy xx

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

To Do List 10

Happy Tuesday!

This list is a day late today, sorry about that! I was ill yesterday with a non-existant internet connection all day - life is very boring without Netflix or a mobile signal and no energy to do any sewing!

Not much has been done this week I am afraid, had a bad week personal wise - won't go into details but it has meant I have wallowed a bit in self pity and I feel a bit better off of the back of it. Hopefully, some sewing will be on the cards this week!

Here is what I got done:

Simplicity 1364 V1

  • Blogged
  • Costs updated
Cashmerette Concord

  • Blogged
  • Costs updated
TATB Megan/Lilou Mashup
  • Blogged
  • Costs updated
Other things:
  • Costs for removed UFOs updated
  • Fabric stash page updated
So I ticked off 8 out of 26, 31% isn't actually that bad for no sewing being involved!

Here is this weeks list - pretty short and sweet!

Here is to a better week than last week!!

Thanks for reading
Kristy xxx

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Cashmerette Concord

What is this madness? 5 posts in 4 days??? New record I think!

So, so far I have had a pretty sh** week so writing these posts have actually cheered me up a little bit!

I sewed with Jersey for the first time

shock horror!!!
Taping the PDF of the Cashmerette Concord took an age. 32 pages I think. And I tried to look at the layout drawing for the different options within the intructions, turns out the instructions and the actual layout don't match. I did message Jenny and she said would sort it so hopefully that will be sorted if you are thinking of buying it!

Cutting it was an absolute bitch. I hated it. Just finishing the cutting sat on my to do list for 4 weeks followed by 4 weeks before I sewed it. I didn't want to pick it up again. But I am sooo glad I did.

There are lots of options for this basic tshirt:

I chose the scoop neck, 3/4 sleeves without tabs and a curved hem.

I cut a size 16 with E/F bust.

Cutting it was an absolute bitch. I hated it. Just finishing the cutting sat on my to do list for 4 weeks followed by 4 weeks before I sewed it. I didn't want to pick it up again. But I am sooo glad I did.

I used a size 11 stretch needle and a zig zag stitch throughout. The instructions were great, totally made sense. I had to recut the neckband and the cuffs - take note of grainlines and you won't have that problem!

I am in love!

The length is perfect, no adding length! Yay!

This is a wearable muslin, I have not attached the neckline great but I think it is more to do with cutting than the sewing! Also, the hem facing is hanging down here, maybe its me not dressing myself properly.

I am not sure whether I should be doing a sway back adjustment on my makes but you know what, there is more to life than a bit of extra fabric on my back!

I have more of these lined up - so comfortable! So wearable!

But more of these does mean more jersey cutting....URGH!

That is me done for this week, enjoy your weekend! Hope the weather stays out!

Kristy xxx

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Tilly and the Buttons Megan/Lilou Dress


I loved making this dress!

Tilly and the Buttons Love at First Stitch Book

I love the empire line of the Megan dress but the neckline/no sleeves of Lilou, so I thought they must be from the same block so thought I would mash them together as they must be from the same block, and said (Jeremy Clarkson style) 'How hard can it be?'

The orange lines are the Megan bodice and the blue lines are Lilou

I am not 100% sure how I did this, I traced off Megan first as this was the length of the bodice wanted then I traced up Lilou with the side seams lined up but the height of the shoulders the same, traced them both then I cut the Lilou neckline, shoulders and boob darts but the Megan length and underboob darts and added the Megan skirt...lost yet?

I self lined this as had lots of fabric left - I only had 2 metres so this is an economical make with a sizeable scrap left over.

Think the angle of this photo is horrific

Now, I was totally in love with this dress but these photos are awful! I think its more me in the dress rather than the dresses fault to be honest but now I am not sure. It looks too big over my belly and hips, making me look bigger than I am.

I didn't really try with pattern matching either, and I don't think it matters to be honest so not worrying about it.

Next time I would like to take some width out of the straps and lower the neckline a wee bit as well as take side seams in a bit.

I decided to take some pride in the insides of this dress, the bodice is lined and all seams are bias bound - I am sure this technique has a proper name but I am not sure what it is. The skirt is also hemmed with bias.

So neat! Definitely the way forward until I can afford an overlocker.

Anyway, I loved this dress, not so much after the photos, I may try more photos at some point to try make me feel better!

Thanks for reading!
Kristy xx

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Simplicity 1364


This is a top I finished a while ago, I have been totally in love with it and wanting to cut more instantly but now I have seen the pictures I am not 100% but we shall see!

So the first challenge was trying to decide what the difference between versions B and C were, bear in mind there also is no seperate pattern pieces for each...the gorgeous Instagram community told me that it is one is cut on the grain and one isn't so it slightly affects the size.

Size wise I decided to go for the size that fit my bust and see how many alterations were actually needed rather than do an FBA and then removing the excess from the armholes and rotating into the dart as this is two muslins and I was feeling lazy. Here is the straight size 22 out of the packet

Massive armhole gape

And I have realised I have a hollow chest
The adjustments I made were pretty extensive:

  • I added a dart at the armhole. I thought about rotating it into the french darts at the waist but I don't think it looks bad. 
  • I reshaped the armhole to allow for the dart
  • I followed a tutorial for a hollow chest -  that Jessica from Always a Crafty Lady posted a link to - it is a PDF so won't let me pin it but I pinned Jessicas post! I love Jessicas blog, she is so smiley! So I lowered the shoulder at the neck side by 1cm and tapered it to nothing at the shoulder side
  • I didn't add a zip - don't see why need one in this top!
  • I lengthened by 5cm, which is normal for me 
  • On the final top I ended up taking in the side seams by 1cm at the arm and in by 2cm at the waist to nothing at the hip
  • I lowered the neckline by 5cm to stop myself feeling choked 
  • I didn't use any facings, just bias taped all the edges - and learned to always change thread for that as it looks a hot mess with navy thread and white bias but no one will see the insides
This sounds a lot, but it didn't take long at all. 

To cut and sew the final top wasn't the 2 hours suggested on the envelope but was definitely a quick make. 

I used the same gingham as my Delphine skirt  so this was a great economical make.

As I said I loved this but it doesn't look great fitting on these photos, but it feels nice on so i should just accept it. I am really looking forward to making it in some drapey viscoses I have in my stash, I may take the shoulders in a cm or two to make it sit neater next time!

Thanks for reading as always :)

Kristy xxx
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