Monday, 28 November 2016

To Do List 19


So, I got some stuff done this weekend! Not the important bits but still, I enjoyed myself and was very much needed!

Here is what I got finished:

Lullaby Layette Trousers
7..       Recut whale fabric
8.       Overlock whales
9.       Overlock stars
10.    Sew chambray
11.  Sew stars
13.       Add elastic to chambray
14.       Add elastic to whales
15.       Add elastic to stars
16.   Photograph
17.   Blog

42.       Bibs

I have done a post on the trousers and I decided to sew some bibs up as just wanted to be on my machine - there really don't warrant their own post so here are the bibs I made:

All fabric (except the yellow elephants) is from Oh Sew Crafty - I would highly recommend, I ordered this polycotton Friday afternoon and arrived Saturday morning - awesome customer service and my go to fabric shop for polycottons, their range is amazing!

I drew my own pattern using this tutorial and kept the pattern so don't need to do it again!

I also used my new snap fastener - so much easier than sewing on press studs!

My best friends little boy donated a bear to the baby (very cute of him) so here he is modelling for us!

Anyway, that is 8 bibs made, only about another 4 million needed I think!

11/44 last week - 25%  not too shabby!!!

Now, back to this weeks To-Do List

Oliver+S Lullaby Layette Pants


Here is my first bit of baby sewing!

I have been trying my best to hold off of buying anything or making too much as kind of wanted to wait until my 20 week scan to double check everything is ok! But I had bought the Oliver+S Lullaby Layette pattern virtually straight after m 12 week scan and I was itching to get started.

I thought I would do a practise version, just to see if I liked it and to mainly have a good try on my new overlocker (a lovely Singer from Lidl that my gorgeous OH bought my as a birthday present).

I was impressed with the first pair

Sorry about how dark this photo is...
My OH did say they reminded him of a little suit - didn't feel very unisex!

So I set about some more and then a busy few weekends have meant they have lurked about doing nothing for a few weeks.

Then on Friday we got to hear the babies heart beat and this reassured me everything was going well, so I was eager to get sewing!

I had cut 3 pairs. I had cut one piece of one pair upside down which meant recutting - unfortunately I did not think this part through...

Two right legs...AAARGH! Anyway, I have ordered some more whale fabric (any excuse!) (some contrasting fabric may have slipped into my basket...)

But the other two pair sewed up lovely...

'Chambray' polycotton

Teeny tiny stars 100% cotton 

Seriously, these things are too cute! They came together really quickly and totally lovely, and unisex! Win!

As soon as more whales arrive I will finish the next pair!

I have also nearly finished the romper, and I am not going to lie, it is love at first sight! I am so excited for this baby, and making handmade clothes just makes me more excited! Would highly recommend this pattern, it makes lovely gifts.

Thanks for reading!
Kristy xxx

Thursday, 24 November 2016

To Do List 18


It has been a while! I do apologise, I have been incredibly tired and sewing has been low down on my list - other than that I am all good! My bump is steadily growing and I have done some little bits but it is so hard to sew for a baby when don't know the sex! Less than 3 weeks until we find out, cannot wait to see our little peanut, just got fingers crossed everything is ok! Pregnancy really has brought out my anxiety so trying to keep myself busy to keep it at bay!

It was my birthday last week and I had some very low key celebrations in Newcastle with some good friends - must have been the first birthday I have not celebrated with any alcohol since I was about 16! Naughty Kristy. Anyway was good fun and I love Newcastle wayyy too much and makes me sad I am not living there every time I leave.

Anyway, back to sewing!

Previous To Do lists are now defunct! I am not sewing my own clothes at the minute so I need to get on with finishing my xmas presents and baby sewing!

Christmas Presents
1.       Finish cross stitch
2.       Buy frame
3.       Sew apron – Lily – Ellie – Heidi – Emily – James – Ewan
4.       Add tape to apron – Lily – Ellie – Heidi – Emily – James – Ewan
5.       Sew hat – Lily – Ellie – Heidi – Emily – James – Ewan
6.       Add velcro to hat – Lily – Ellie – Heidi – Emily – James – Ewan

Lullaby Layette Trousers
7..       Recut whale fabric
8.       Overlock whales
9.       Overlock stars
10.    Sew chambray
11.     Sew whales
12.     Sew stars
13.       Add elastic to chambray
14.       Add elastic to whales
15.       Add elastic to stars
16.   Photograph
17.   Blog

18.       Cut wadding
19.       Cut backing
20.       Quilt together
21.       Buy binding
22.       Sew binding
23.       Photograph
24.       Blog

Sleeping Bag
25.       Piece together front fabric
26.       Cut fabric
27.       Buy zip
28.       Sew together
29.       Photograph
30.       Blog

Baby Hats
31.       Cut fabric
32.       Sew fabric
33.       Photograph
34.       Blog

35.       Cut fabric
36.       Sew fabric
37.       Insert squeak/bell
38.       Stuff rattle
39.       Close up
40.       Photograph
41.     Blog

Other ideas
42.       Bibs
43.       Burb clothes
44.     Dungarees

I am not sure how I will fare with these, the top of the list is my priority - only 3 available sewing weekends left before Xmas (how did this happen I was so prepared!!!) so really do need to finish ASAP!!

How is your Xmas sewing going? Do you like sewing for others?

Thanks for reading!
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