Tuesday, 28 June 2016

UFO Letting Go


The sun has got his hat on! You know the rest...

Hayfever has also got good game this morning - fun!

Anyway I am here to talk about unfinished objects - UFOs

Do we all have them? I do!

My to do list yesterday is littered with them, so last night I decided to finish some.

Mat and Basket for my Momma to go with the bits I made her for Mothers Day

Well, two. Which took less than 15 minutes each so no idea why I didn't do them before.

And then I thought I would move on to the final two Colette Laurels that have been lurking since I cut them in March. And then I realised I didn't want to. After the many failed attempts at Laurel I have had enough! They are relegated to the naughty step (AKA a compartment in the wardrobe hanger thingy) and I am not sure when they will be released. I just don't want to sew them, so why bother? I know it is a waste of fabric (boo to that bit) but sewing is a hobby, a way to enjoy my free time so I am not going to sew something I don't want to. They are officially removed from my to do list.

Also, so is my 2nd version of Tillys Miette.

It is only awaiting hemming. But I don't like it. The fabric is too sheer, I was hoping for a floaty summery number, what I have is frumpy and something you would have found in M&S years ago.
Removed. I would like to try salvage this fabric at some point as its yum but it was only £1/m so I am not going to cry too much!

12 things knocked off my to do list because I don't want to do them - feels oddly freeing - I really need to get out more.

The lovely Bea, with whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the fabric swap I organised sent me this on Instagram last night - amused me, my science geek game is as strong as my hayfever today...

Laurel, I am looking at you...all 6 versions
Do you feel guilty about banishing UFOs to UFO heaven?

Thanks for reading,
Kristy xxx

Monday, 27 June 2016

To Do List 8

Hello hello...

It is Monday, and it is raining yet again - booooo!

Not a lot ticked off the list this week - again!

I did about an hour sewing yesterday but after fighting a monster hangover on Saturday (was not justified, I really didn't drink enough to be bed bound all day) and yesterday coughing and sore throat all day (feel a bit better today) along with another #freecakeforkids  I haven't ticked much off!

So here is what I did do:

  • TATB Megan/Lilou Mashup - Sew bodice and skirt together
  • TATB Megan/Lilou Mashup - Sew zip in
  • TATB Megan/Lilou Mashup - Bias bind all edges
  • TATB Megan/Lilou Mashup - Hem
So I have finished my first dress! YAY! I have to say I am not completely in love BUT I am going to wear it on Saturday night to dance my troubles away so I am sure I will warm to it!

Cake No 3 - Frozen themed vanilla sponge - hope she likes it!
I am all home alone for the rest of the week after tonight so I can't see many photographs being taken unless I do mirror selfies again but we shall see if I can pull it together tonight

So here is this weeks list:

As I said last week I really need to work on getting some of these off of here, mainly the things that are cut, I think that is my main challenge to myself - finish UFO's this week!

I also want to sort out my stash, just to keep it in a healthy order and by no way is it so it will free up some space in my one and only stash draw...nope, it isn't, honest!

Monday, 20 June 2016

To Do List 7

Happy Monday!

So, supposedly it is the first day of British summer...and it's definitely correct then! Grim!

It has been very slow on the sewing front this week, I have been basically just lazy but hey, here's to another week!

This is what pitiful amount I got done this week:

  • Finished sewing Simplicity 1364
  • TATB Megan/Lilou Mashup - zip ordered
  • TATB Megan/Lilou Mashup - fabric cut
  • TATB Megan/Lilou Mashup - lining cut from fabric, self lining meaning didn't have to buy any lining fabric (my wardrobe cost page will love this! This dress takes less than 2m fabric, hope I love it!)
  • I have sewn all the darts of this TATB Megan/Lilou Mashup, the neckline and armholes so it is coming together nicely!
So I only managed 5 out of 44 last week (11% - rubbish!)...I am aiming for much better week this week! I have a quiet weekend ahead so I am hopefully going to forge some headway into this weeks list. 
I really want to make a good make from the TATB Megan/Lilou Mashup dress, my bias binding on S1364 is horrific and shameful, definitely want to master this skill, as well as the invisible zip and this being my first lined garment so I am taking my time and determined to have a good dress! 

I also really want to work on getting some of the re-occurring small things on here off - but I am sure pretty fabric and patterns will overtake...sigh...

Here is Week 7!

Monday, 13 June 2016

To Do List 6


How was your weekend in total?

After the excitement of Friday night I have been pretty ill, full of cold and I just slept all weekend basically! I got a couple of bits done yesterday but was rough things, nothing too precise - I attempted some armhole binding and messed up so left that for another day!

Here is what I got done from last week!
  •  Blog fabric swap
  •  Update Fabric Stash costs
  • Update Pattern Stash Costs
  • Update My Wardrobe Page
  • Black circle skirt was cut, sewn, photographed, blogged and the costs updated
  • V2 Delphine skirt was blogged and costs updated
  • Muslin of my Megan/Lilou mash up was finished - as can be seen on my Instagram
A total of 7 out of 45 ticked off, pretty bad result! Meh..

So, here is this weeks list:

Thanks for keeping up to date with my plans, hopefully will have more finished items soon!

Kristy xxx

Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Kind Of Circle Skirt...

On Friday I went to a 1950's and 1960's rock and roll dance party at Camden's Electric Ballroom run by a company called All Shook Up - and I have to say I had THE BEST night!!!

But what do you wear to this type of thing??? I didn't want to be in fancy dress but I wanted something 'themed'. I also didn't want to spend forever making something as I know I won't wear it lots again, so I turned to the Lindy Bop website (I was going to link but I received some absolutely shocking customer service so I don't want to!) and ordered a dress, and a jumper that caught my eye. I had ordered from them before with excellent delivery times so two weeks before the event I thought my lovely dress would arrive in time. The jumper arrived 10 days later with the dress just crossed out on the delivery note - tried calling multiple times and Facebook messages and emails with not a whisper out of them (they had taken the money for both items). So I started to panic - what can I make???

I loved the jumper and thought of the easiest thing I could that would go with it - a circle skirt.

I knew I didn't have enough fabric for a real circle so I found this tutorial for a gored skirt.

It involved maths:


And once I started cutting I realised I didn't even have enough fabric for this! Argh - I managed to get 5 gores and not 6 with some creative cutting, so I added some strips to one side of each gore.

I do not understand where my maths (or the formula) went wrong, I didn't try to understand the equations I just followed them but the waist was superduper huge so I sewed a chanel (in a different fabric) on the inside and threaded through some thick elastic.

It came to hemming, and this skirt had a LOT of I was super lazy:

Pinking shears!

And within 3 hours of starting to cut (and a bit of unpicking) I had a circle skirt that was not pretty close up but I think I managed to pull it off...

with the help of a petticoat from Amazon that delivered within 24 hours - thank you Prime!

Not sure how many times I will ever wear it again but it cost me £3.80 so never mind - and now I own a petticoat - yay!

Did you all have a nice weekend?

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Tilly And The Buttons - Delphine Skirt V2

Hello Again,

I am throwing out the posts today, this is not a long one! And sorry for bombarding but I want to get them out of the way before I forget.

First up, apologies for the mirror selfies - the BF seems as bad at taking photos as I am, I will get round to doing something about it but as this is such a simple make I think it doesn't make too much difference!

yeh not great....and my hand looks HUGE!
So this is the TATB Delphine skirt. This skirt was my first make on this blog - here. I traced the pattern then, and altered it - much less A-line so I thought I would sew up again...and I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad I did.

This fabric creases like hell but what a dream to sew, I got this cut and sewn in about 2 hours and I am in love, creases and all!

It doesn't fray so the insides are not finished

And I used just a normal zipper foot not a concealed zipper foot but I don't think it matters

I am still in love and hoping the weather at the weekend is nice enough to wear!

I squeezed this pattern and I have cut Simplicity 1364 out of 1.5m of this fabric as I loved it so much!

More on that coming soon I hope!

Anyway, I am done with posts for a few days at least!

Enjoy your week!

(P.S. It is so satisfying crossing off a lot of my list in one go!)

The Foldline Fabric Swap

Wow, I had such a lovely day on Saturday and was completely overwhelmed by the amount of people (and fabric!) that turned up to the Fabric/Pattern Swap I organised through The Foldline!

I didn't managed to get any pictures but other did on instagram but I learned an important lesson for next time - NAME BADGES! With peoples real name and usernames on!

So here is what I took:

I cannot remember which patterns I threw in so what ever you see here is what is covered!
The fabrics in more detail are here:

These have been lingering on my Fabric Stash page for months and month and not being used, I didn't know what to use them for so off they went! And I do not regret it!

I picked up all of these lovelies...

So in order from left to right:

  • Turquoise polyester, I think about 2m, lovely drape
  • A white sheer chiffon with a (teeny bit itchy) silver stripe running through, about 4m (!)
  • A black (colour not great on this photo) very stretchy lace, I think about 1.5m
  • Another chiffon which is very mustard, and lovely, about 2.5m I think
  • A vintage cotton (or maybe poly) - not my usual style but still lovely
  • Another sheer fabric, think this is a higher cotton content though, about 4m of this 
  • The last piece I don't remember picking up! It is a stretchy poly shirting maybe (I need to learn about fabrics more I think) and there is about 1m 
I just want to thank everyone who came again, I apologise for the venue mix up but I think it worked out ok in the end!
What did you all pick up? 


P.S. I have updated my fabric stash page! 

To Do List 5


How gorgeous is the weather?! Not a day to be sat at my desk but hey I need the job to fund the fabric fetish I seem to have!

So here are the things I have got done this past week:

  • Seamwork Osaka photographed (and worn successfully)
  • Seamwork Osaka blogged (here)
  • Costs updated for Seamwork Osaka
  • Bought navy blue thread
  • Bought 9.5'' zip
  • Sorted fabric for fabric swap
  • Sorted patterns for fabric swap
  • TATB Delphine V3 is fully sewn up
  • TATB Delphine V3 is photographed (albeit rather badly)
  • Simplicity 1364 is muslined (twice), cut, adjusted, and nearly finished (I am in love!)
Not a great deal scratched off really, 9 out of 38 but I spent most of my time on Simplicity 1364 which I cannot wait to get finished! 

Here is this weeks list:

Monday, 6 June 2016

Seam work Osaka V2


After really enjoying making and loving the end result (albeit a bit too formal for what I like wearing) I quickly got to making a second version of the Seamwork Osaka but this time in denim.

I made a few changes to the pattern though, I taped the panels together at the seam allowances so there were just three main pieces and not six, meaning no seam running across the middle of the skirt. As was making in one fabric it just seemed an unnecessary task. I also decided I didn't want it to be reversible as on my black version the lining peaks out a teeny bit. So I drafted some facings for the inside - I thought lining with denim may be a bit too heavy and was low on fabric.

Very non smiley picture for some reason!
This was made immediately after my other version but sat waiting button holes - my machine does not like button holes so after some frustration and being sick of seeing it on my To Do Lists I hand sewed them

I am a total convert to hand sewing them with a simple blanket stitch - easy and a finished skirt! At last! Hurrah!

It is lined with the black smudge fabric from my failed collette laurel so least I haven't lost the fabric completely!

Thanks for reading as nd I am sure you will see more of these skirts!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016



So my Me-Made-May-16 was only a little pledge:

'I, Kristy of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '16. I endeavour to wear every item of homemade clothes I have at least once throughout May 2016.'

And I have to say I don't think I actually hit it very well. I didn't take it too seriously.

I only have 5 me-made finished items in my wardrobe. And I don't think I am a fan of two of them...

and they are the Colette Laurels

I wore the flowery version the day I made it and only could see the flaws (the armhole needs resetting) and it just felt very un-me. I didn't wear the tiled version, not 100% sure why, I just didn't.

I did hem and wear my first Miette

In fact, I loved it that much I got home and made another (awaiting hemming)

And I successfully re-fashioned a skirt (and more importantly, wore it)

I didn't wear my Seamwork Osaka - it feels really formal wear and just didn't have the occasion to wear it which is a shame as I do really like it!

My Delphine didn't get a wear either, I have to say I did look for it though and couldn't find it. I did happen upon it yesterday lurking in the depths of my underwear draw rather than in my idea on that either!

So, all in all, pretty rubbish! 3 out of 6 items wore once...MEH! 

Maybe next year it will be better?

How was your #mmmay16?

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