Monday, 6 February 2017

To Do List 25


It has been a while - 3 weeks since my last update! I am sure no one is that bothered but I have been a busy bee. Who knew being 28 weeks pregnant is pretty tiring???! Strange. Anyway I am sewing away quietly in the background, picking up on ideas and still being pretty active on my Instagram if you want to keep up with me! I also LOVE that place and try to follow as many people back as possible while wanting to keep it a sewing related place!

Since my last update my computer decided to freak out and delete my To-Do list, which I constantly update (to keep me sane) so I have had to revert to the one I posted here as a screenshot this morning. I have amended it below (badly) to show what i have been up to and to also update it a bit.

Red lines:
I have decided to give up on these.
Rattles: we currently have a toy box full already. She isn't even here yet. Do not need more.
Hats: we have 7 hats already, she will be a summer baby - she doesn't need more!
Burp clothes: got given plenty of muslin clothes, seems a bit of a waste of time to be honest.
Cot storage hangers: just decided against them
Adding zip to V2 of M6015 - I added snaps instead

This brought the to do list down from 55 to 40.

Out of that 40 I have done (yellow lines)20 - a whopping 50%!

I have also done:

M6015 V4 (black flowers) cut fabric and lining
M6015 X back top - cut, sewn and added snaps
Lullaby layette dress pattern hack - cut, sewn and added snaps
Started a cross stitch for a gift
Bought all things to make wedding bunting for a friend
Tried to make a elephant romper (total fail, and it is sat in the naughty corner)

The reason I am waiting to do any blog posts about my makes is that I am waiting for a photograph backdrop to arrive, I really struggle to get any decent photos and seem to take them all on my manky ironing board (really should buy a new cover) so I have ordered a backdrop and will have a photo session once it arrives and then can get some blog posts written!

I have a nice few days away next week then 4 days at home before work so hopefully i will be super productive next week as will be relaxed and free of work! Wooo!

Have a great week everyone and I will probably be back in a couple of weeks, thank you for reading my drivel!

Kristy xxx

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