Thursday, 27 October 2016

Baby Sewing Plans

So, I have decided I don't want to sew any maternity stuff for myself so there will be a lack of adult clothes making for a while - I hope I don't lose any followers but I totally understand if you don't want to read about baby stuff! I do hope I don't come across as one of these Mumsy types that can only talk about babies either...there must be a balance somewhere??? Right now, I am excited and will chat a bit so advance apologies!

Since finding out my news a few weeks ago I have been daydreaming about all the amazing things I can sew myself! I love handmade gifts for kids, so I want a lot of handmade stuff for my own!

I cannot stop looking for patterns for some inspiration for unisex stuff, we want to find out what we are having but want to make a start on things!

I *may* have already bought some patterns though....

How cute??? And unisex! I haven't tried any yet but I am dying to get my hands on them! The top two will be good to use my new overlocker!

I already own quite a few kids sewing patterns as I have 6 nieces/nephews so hopefully these will come in handy - there are links to the Etsy shops on these ones underneath

Brindille and Twig Etsy Shop 

I have not actually sewn this one so cannot recommend yet but will let you know when I can!

I am Petite Boutique
I have sewn these and loved doing it!

Tie Die Diva Etsy Shop
Can certainly review this - super quick, super neat and a lovely dress. Obviously this isn't unisex but I really wanted to pass this on - I highly recommend!

My love of Pinterest is going into overdrive and definitely seen some freeby patterns i want to have a go at!
Pinterest Link

Pinterest Pin
This one looks a good scrap buster!

Pinterest Pin

Pinterest Pin
I have already ordered some bells and squeezy noise things for these - which I am sure I will regret!

OK, I think I have bored you enough...follow my Pinterest board for more! 

Thanks for reading!
Kristy xxx

A little something I have been making...


Posts have been few and far between I am afraid, I tried making some things and were just getting too frustrated that nothing was fitting etc. Well, it has been explained...

This little peanut surprised us at 10 weeks by making his/her presence known and after getting over the initial shock we are super excited!

Everything at my scan was confirmed as all ok and I am due 1st May!

Exciting times! And Scary!

All that sewing to do...I cannot stop looking at patterns and fabrics, hoping to make a dint in my new 'To Do List' this weekend!

Thanks for reading!
Kristy xxx

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Fabric Shopping 8

So, the fabric stash diet I promised I would go on until I had used 10 pieces of fabric didn't quite go to plan...


I have had a good tidy up of my stash and I used so much scraps on the Springfield tops I made that I don't think I have done too bad. I also took a lot to the charity shop, to be honest they were mainly the bits I picked up at the Fabric swap that I think I panic picked up and in the light of day I just knew I wouldn't use.

A friend of mine then wanted to go to Walthamstow as she had never been, so I went - and showed a LOT of restraint!

3m @ £2/m - no idea what it is! And the colour does not photograph well, it is a khaki colour but very soft and quite thick.

TMOS had this in, I regretted not buying it the last time I went so I am glad I bought it now. 1.5m @ £2.50/m

So this has not photographed well at all. It is sooo soft and almost like brushed silk but at £1/m it can't be, can it? I got 3m!

Another TMOS buy, lovely cotton! £3.50/m and got 1.5m

Unselfish buy, this is for my mum! I want to make her at least one Cashmerette Springfield and thought she would love this fabric. Only £1/m too! Cheap Xmas present!

So after my clear out and the cuts I have already made I am now down to 15 lengths of fabric in my personal stash. I think it is manageable and I think I have a rough plan for everything in there. I am happy with the stash at the minute!

Thanks for reading!
Kristy xxx

Monday, 3 October 2016

To Do List 17


It has been a while! Apologies for the break but life just got in the way! Since my last To Do List (number 16 - back in August, and we are now October - whew) life has just really caught up! I had a scary mega job interview that took a lot of preparation for and unfortunately I didn't get it BUT was really good experience and give me a lot of confidence in my abilities as I came a close second when I was shocked to get to an interview in the first place! My lovely Mr also had his 30th birthday in which his parents and sister came to visit. For 6 days. Was a lot. But I survived - hurrah! Sounds meaner than it is meant to be but was a long week haha. I followed their visit up with a couple of days off of work, slept a lot, sewed only a little but I feel a bit more refreshed so all good!

My to do list really hasn't had much done to it! I have to say I am going to be changing it quite a lot from the last one. I was full of summer plans but now its turning frosty I want more cosy clothes to make!

Things I have crossed off:

Leather handbag

  • cut leather
  • sew
  • photograph
  • blog
Cashmerette Springfield
  • V4, V5, V6 and V7 photographed
  • Blogged
  • Updated costs
TATB Arielle Skirt
  • Fabric cut
  • Sewn together
  • Make buttons
  • Add buttonholes
  • Add buttons
This is only 12/126 - 9.5% which is rubbish in a month! 

Anyway here is the new list with new ways to use my fabric stash, as always it is a rough plan, it is a womans perogative to change their mind...and I am exercising that right!

Can I also just give a special thank you to the lovely Bea from Bea's Sewing Adventures? I got a lovely message off of her on instagram saying she missed these posts! Check out her blog, she makes some lovely stuff!

Thanks for reading, hopefully I will have some makes to show you soon!

Also, I MUST crack on with Xmas presents, I was so organised, and now I feel behind!

Thanks for reading,
Kristy xxx
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