Monday, 30 June 2014

Delphine Skirt

The Delphine Skirt - from now on should be named 'The First Item of Clothing I Made Myself!' but that is a bit long....


As I am sure all of you know the amazing blogger and Great British Sewing Bee contestant Tilly released a sewing book a couple of months ago, Love at First Stitch, I was lucky enough to get this free with a subscription of Love Sewing Magazine (which I also thought was awesome) last month. After spending a good few nights of bedtime reading with my new book I decided to have a go at making something. I had plenty of a stretch denim (think it could be like a poly blend of denim) it is not brilliant quality and was left over from sewing my nieces' christmas presents, but thought it would at least make a toile if nothing else. The fabric is a bit stiff and really stretchy and a dark grey/black in colour that I bought from the local market here in Sheffield.

Black stretchy denim


I traced and cut a straight size 8 in this pattern. I left out the zip as this material is so stretchy it wasn't needed. I also didn't interface my facings, I did this originally without realising it would stop the stretch on the waistband - which was admittedly pretty stupid! I removed the fusible interfacing pretty easily so no harm done. 
I don't own a overlocker but I did buy an overlock sewing foot off of Amazon that seems to do a really good job, and at less that £5 it is much cheaper (and I am guessing much slower) than an overlocker.
I used a 1cm seam allowance on the side and centre back seams as I was worried would be on the tight side. I also took the A-line bottom in by 5cm on each side seam, after trying it on mid construction it just was a bit too pronounced for my personal preference.

Seams with overlock foot

These are my first photos of myself for my blog and with a self timer (handy little free app) so apologies that they are not the best! I also should have moved the fan and wire in the way.

This skirt fits well! It is meant to be high on the waist but due to my apple shape I REALLY do not suit that so I am really glad its quite loose and therefore sits lower on my hips. I also love the length on me. This skirt pulls on and off easily and is nice and comfortable. 
I am shocked that the drape on the skirt doesn't look too stiff in these pictures, I am glad its wearable.


I am really happy with this skirt. It has really boosted my sewing confidence. I enjoyed the whole process which took about 5 hours in total from tracing the pattern to everything packed away.
The A-line is not too wide for me, the skirt is not too tight and I think it is actually quite flattering. I don't have many skirts in my wardrobe, to be honest my wardrobe is pretty lame at the moment for reasons discussed in my first post, but this is something I am hoping this blog will help with!

Further work

I have made the alterations to the traced off pattern and stored it away for future use. And you can be sure there will be future use of this. I have already been eyeing up plenty of fabric for this but these two are the top contenders:

The first one has just been ordered from Minerva and I really want to buy this flowered lovely from Fabric HQ, I never wear prints, I don't think I can pull them off on my top half but I think this skirt could be a way of wearing them. I will wait until I have made the gingham version first as I think this will get more wear. 

Thanks for reading 
Kristy x


  1. wow, well done on your first garment, it looks fab!

  2. Amazing well done and welcome to the wonderful world of making clothes and blogging!! :) Gabby

    1. Sorry Gabby, only just seen this, thank you for commenting! - had a big change and moved to London and had no room for my sewing machine - moving to a bigger place on Friday so my sewing machine can move back in - wooop!xx


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