Friday, 12 June 2015

Sewing Inspiration - Laurel and M6959

Happy Friday!

I hope you are all well! Not sure there are that many people reading this, but to those that are, thank you very much!

Well the sun is out in London today, it's Friday and my stinking cold is finally subsiding so I am in a good mood!

I have been very quiet at work this morning and playing around on Pinterest wayyy too much and have been picking out some sewing inspiration....

I think my first pattern to master will be the Colette Laurel - it is simple lines and hopefully one where fit is not too scary! I know I will have to do an FBA and I think I will have to get rid of a gaping armhole, this has been the big problem that I didn't know how to fix when trying to sew last year - and now I know about this it is all I can see on my current ready to wear clothes!

All these pictures have come from Pinterest Laurel board - along with other inspiration

I would love to get this fit perfect as I think this pattern could be made to look so different, can be hacked into colour blocking and different shapes. It can be dressed up or down or work appropriate. I cannot wait to get started!!

The other inspiration is McCalls M6959 which I don't own, yet. I love a good wrap dress, I think this pattern can be made amazing, hopefully I will take a lot of inspiration from the styles of DVF without the price tag!

Again look at this Pinterest M6959 inspiration board for all links and more dresses

I would love to try make this into a top too? The gingham wrap top (another DVF) is my ideal wardrobe - LOVE it! M6959 is a woven dress, I would like to move into jersey but one small step at a time! Again, all the colours, styles and fabric choices can transform this into some amazing clothes...

and it is this kind of thinking and planning is why sewing your own clothes must be amazing and I cannot wait to jump in!!!
I really enjoy looking at a pattern and imagining it in all different scenarios of fabric and tweaking of the pattern to copy looks I have seen - and your amazing blogs and pinterest as well as a good old google image search just feeds this enjoyment!

11 days until my little Brother comes and lives with me in London!

Where do you find your sewing inspiration from?

Thanks for reading,
Kristy xx

p.s. all collages were made using PicMonkey :)


  1. Glad your feeling better after having a cold - how horrible in the summer. Love the M659 - I don't often wear wrap dresses but this pattern looks really flexible I can imagine many different variations. I mostly get my inspiration from searching for patterns, on blogs or from finding gaps in my own wardrobe. Looking forward to seeing where your inspiration leads you! Fiona :-)

    1. My whole wardrobe is one big gap at the minute! hopefully it can start to be remedied soon :) I can't stop looking at patterns, really need to reign in the spending on them too

  2. i think the mccalls pattern would look great as a top :) bet you can't wait to have your sewing machine come live with you! i get a lot of sewing inspiration from reading through the many blogs i follow; there are such talented sewists about! :)

    1. i soooo cannot wait, I have prewashed all my fabric this weekend in preparation and will be printing off my laurel pattern to get started - exciting!
      I read a LOT of sewing blogs, i follow 258 on bloglovin alone...I love reading what people are doing and seeing their skillset grow, gives me hope that mine will too :)

  3. I have exactly zero talent when it comes to this kind of stuff, and so am jealous that you have the ability to make your own clothes! Also, yes to drinks soon!

    Charlotte xx

    1. Charlotte, I haven' started yet, I may show zero talent too! haha Hopefully I can master then ability soon enough!
      Give me a text when free, I am pretty much free all of july - unless I am sewing! :) xxx


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