Monday, 6 July 2015

Sewing is hard...

Hello lovely readers!

Just a quick post to let you know I haven't disappeared from the Blogosphere yet again!

There is no pictures in this post so just a quick update of what I have been doing...

  • A muslin of Colette Laurel
Not 100% this pattern is for me, the neckline is very high and in turn makes my boobs look even bigger, I really do not need extra help in that department. I think I got the pattern down ok after FBAs and added length. I need to work on drawing a new neckline
  • A muslin of Grainline Scout Tee 
Again FBA'd and lengthened. I prefer this one to Colette. I started to make this in some stripey cotton from Fabric Shopping 2 (second pic) but I cut this all kinds of wrong - cut on the fold down the middle, I have tried to add a contrast strip down this middle but think this is going to make the top massive. I just have to add the sleeves and hem and try it on. Will hopefully finish this tonight.

  • Delphine the Second
I am using the navy blue spotty fabric I previously bought, this is way too lightweight for this pattern but I am in desperate need of some summer clothe and hopefully it will just be a drapey easy to wear skirt. I just need to add the facing and hem this. Again would love to get this finished tonight. 

  • Scrappy quilt
Following in the steps of Fiona at Sewing vs Knitting I have been keeping my scraps from the grainline tee and delphine skirt and will be making some small squares to start a quilt collection for myself. Trying not to see this as a quick project I want to try keep it on going and see how I go.

Also, if anyone can help. I really want a V-neck woven tank/vest top pattern. I cant ever recall seeing one apart from these from Burda

V-neck tank 06/2015

Silk tank 04/2015
Burda unfortunately doesn't do my size within their 'normal' range and their plus size ranges are generally made to look like tents. Does anyone have any suggestions for tops patterns of this description?

Thank you for reading and Happy Monday!
Kristy xx

P.S. Thought I would add a song of the day every now and then

Today is a nice summery one, don't bother watching just listen :)


  1. Sounds like you've been, busy! Quilting is a long process ... mine is nowhere near finished and I'm desperate to start sewing up my new fabrics. Looking forward to seeing your recent makes! x

    1. I want mine to be a long running background project, i will just keep adding squares to the bag and then sew it all up in one go at a later date - been quite tempted to have a go at a hexie quilt but looks like too much hand sewing for my liking!


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