Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Colette Laurel Top - Part 3


This is not a positive post so if you are feeling the Tuesday blues just 'Mark as Read' and move on!

This is actually my 3rd Colette Laurel and the second from my epic cutting session of tops but this version has broken me!!! It has taken away my sewing mojo and I am NOT HAPPY!

So here it is:

(oh and please don't judge the bad photos OR the really messy bedroom OR the Rolling Stones Pajama pants you get some sneaky views of)

Looks ok eh? Well look what happens if I lift my elbows any higher than this picture:

It was so tight over my bust and arms. I have no idea why!!! I have made up another of the tops from the epic cutting and it fits fine! (Will be blogged at some point!)

So I didn't want to waste this amazing fabric (it sewed up a dream!) so I decided to unpick the side seams and under arms and insert a panel strip each side basically like this tutorial on Pinterest. This was a last ditch attempt at not losing this fabric!

It failed:

Hello Mr Tent Top!

Not only is it huge from the bust down - it still does this when I move my arms:

That's the end of the bad pictures I promise.

I am not sure if this is the type of fabric - it is no where near as drapey as viscose? Anyone else any ideas? I thought I had not cut on the grain but I double checked and I have.

This top is currently sat in the naughty corner and I am really upset!

I am thinking of removing the sleeves and seeing if that makes a difference, then taking it in on the panels from the bust down. I love this fabric and there isn't enough left to salvage anything from it!



  1. I don't know why it went wrong. Theoretically, if you cut it out to the same pattern, it should have turned out the same way as your lovely Part 2 top but... We all know strange things can happen with cloth and thread. Have you thought of giving up on it as a blouse and turning it into a summer cover-up by slicing up the middle of the front and binding the cut edges with something appropriate. That's the only idea I can come up with from seeing the photo. Good luck with wathever you decide to do.

  2. Thanks Barbarags, it is sat in the naughty corner until I can decide what to do with it!!


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