Monday, 6 February 2017

To Do List 25


It has been a while - 3 weeks since my last update! I am sure no one is that bothered but I have been a busy bee. Who knew being 28 weeks pregnant is pretty tiring???! Strange. Anyway I am sewing away quietly in the background, picking up on ideas and still being pretty active on my Instagram if you want to keep up with me! I also LOVE that place and try to follow as many people back as possible while wanting to keep it a sewing related place!

Since my last update my computer decided to freak out and delete my To-Do list, which I constantly update (to keep me sane) so I have had to revert to the one I posted here as a screenshot this morning. I have amended it below (badly) to show what i have been up to and to also update it a bit.

Red lines:
I have decided to give up on these.
Rattles: we currently have a toy box full already. She isn't even here yet. Do not need more.
Hats: we have 7 hats already, she will be a summer baby - she doesn't need more!
Burp clothes: got given plenty of muslin clothes, seems a bit of a waste of time to be honest.
Cot storage hangers: just decided against them
Adding zip to V2 of M6015 - I added snaps instead

This brought the to do list down from 55 to 40.

Out of that 40 I have done (yellow lines)20 - a whopping 50%!

I have also done:

M6015 V4 (black flowers) cut fabric and lining
M6015 X back top - cut, sewn and added snaps
Lullaby layette dress pattern hack - cut, sewn and added snaps
Started a cross stitch for a gift
Bought all things to make wedding bunting for a friend
Tried to make a elephant romper (total fail, and it is sat in the naughty corner)

The reason I am waiting to do any blog posts about my makes is that I am waiting for a photograph backdrop to arrive, I really struggle to get any decent photos and seem to take them all on my manky ironing board (really should buy a new cover) so I have ordered a backdrop and will have a photo session once it arrives and then can get some blog posts written!

I have a nice few days away next week then 4 days at home before work so hopefully i will be super productive next week as will be relaxed and free of work! Wooo!

Have a great week everyone and I will probably be back in a couple of weeks, thank you for reading my drivel!

Kristy xxx

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  1. Good to hear from you! Glad everything is going well and looking forward to seeing photos of your makes. Don't forget to think of your wardrobe post pregnancy- It takes ages to get back to pre pregnancy size and you'll want some comfy clothes for around the house. I regret not making sure I had some decent pyjamas and jogging bottoms fit when visitors came round in those early days! Also I hadn't thought about nursing clothes (if you plan to breastfeed) but these really gave me the confidence to feed in front of people and to get out and about with the little one. Xx


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