Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Fabric shopping 2

I have a feeling this blog title will be making a regular appearance

So I set off yesterday with the aim of everyday wearable fabrics, I love all the fabric I bought in my last haul but not all of it was everyday appropriate and I want to be making all my wardrobe eventually so need everyday fabrics.

I was a bit stupid though and didn't think about the fact was bank holiday Monday and markets don't open on bank holidays-but at Walthamstow there are plenty of shops to call into...won't mention shop names but one lady followed me around her shop like a hawk which I absolutely hate and stopped me from wanting to buy anything, and probably put me off going back. I understand they want to show that someone is available and also have to be aware of thieves but what am I going to do, run out with bolts of fabric under my arm?? Anyway moan is my latest haul

White stretch poly, teeny navy dots - £2/m, I bought 1.5

A linen look teeny stripe cotton, don't think it's a real linen but still nice - £2/m - bought 1m
Another poly and the colours really haven't come through great on thjs,its quite bright for me! My other have said it looked like a cushion...hope it doesn't when sewn up! £2/m again, I bought 2m of this in case need to pattern match

A lovely viscous again, I am really looking forward to wearing these lovely fabrics - £2/m - bought 1

This is a really nice quality Ponte - definitely a tilly and the buttons coco lined up for this beauty - this was £5/m and bought 1.5m. I am also sure I have seen this in a high street shop but I cannot remember where 

Another linen look but much thinner, will need self lining but at £1/m cannot complain, bought 2m

The colour REALLY has not come out on this photo - this is a really deep bottle green that despite this description does not remind me of school uniform! Again a lovely viscose but thin so will double up again - £1/m and bought 2

Absolutely no idea what this fabric is, it's pretty thick, not quite a scuba but I do not know, I cannot even tell if it is knit! It has a nice stretch to it so may make another coco with it

So this was my haul from Walthamstow but I also went on a bit of an eBay spending spree, they sent me a £10 off voucher if spend £20...would have been plain rude to not have spent it!

Right after I bought the new Colette Aster pattern  (I bought this the second I got the email!) I bought this 'chambray' which is actually another poly but it's a really soft poly, not sure I will be able to keep this long before sewing it, it's yum - paid £4ish for 2 metres from this eBay seller which I actually think is a Walthamstow seller too! Slightly more expensive on eBay to the shop but definitely still cheap and this arrived very quickly.

I was a bit disappointed at this at first, it was advertised as lawn but yet again another poly, on closer inspection of the product description (from this seller) it does say it's a poly but it is really nice and will,definitely need underlining...and again the colour isn't great, this is brilliant white - again was about £4 after using the voucher with good delivery service.

If anyone reading this is a old hat to sewing I am sure you are worrying about all the polys in my stash, I understand that the better quality fabric I use the better my final product will be but for just learning I cannot justify spending £20/m on fabric when I may just screw it all up! I (hopefully) have bought the best I can at as low prices and (hopefully) I will graduate to high quality!

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend, and thanks for reading

Kristy xx

4 weeks today my sewing machine will be in London - yay!


  1. i love all these! in particular the stripe cotton, what are you planning to make with it? don't worry about all the poly, i used loads of it when i started sewing - it's the cheapest! :)

    1. Hello! Well I am in desperate need of some new work clothes, especially tops so I think I am going to start with the colette laurel, it is in keeping with what I generally wear for work, can use lots of nice fabrics but kept simple. My plan is to perfect a pattern at a time and maybe make a few of the same, might not make for the most exciting of blogs (or wardrobes) but will mean I will wear my stuff not have it sat in the wardrobe! After laurel I want a few cocos for plans are endless haha
      How is the job hunt going? When I did my undergrad (years ago!) I told a fib and said I had dropped out of uni after my first year so i could get a job! naughty but soon as made that decision I was working within 2 days!

  2. Love your fabric haul!! I like the white polka dot best ... I'm a sucker for anything polka dot. Don't worry about polyester ... I still sew with poly or polycotton mix as I can't justify the expense of fabric if I'm not sure how the garment will turn out. Another way I think about it, is if I was buying clothes, a lot of the clothes in high street shops are polyester. Looking forward to seeing what you make!

    1. Thanks Fiona, I am not sure which is my favourite to be honest but I do love the white polka dot, it is nice and subtle which is good for me for everyday!

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