Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My Sewing Challenge 2016 ideas?

Hello Lovelies,

As I have previously mentioned I have trouble trying to organise my head/projects as I want to delve in and do EVERYTHING all at once, be awesome at everything then get frustrated when I am not!
The Made-Up Initiative really pushed me, gave me plenty of blogging material and I enjoy a deadline, so...I want to try and set myself a sewing challenge for 2016 but I am finding it hard to narrow it down to what I want to do!

Here are some of my ideas:

  • Follow a book and make every pattern, picking up new skills as I go with a set agenda I cannot change - but which book? 
  • Capsule wardrobe - pick a design each month and make a capsule wardrobe over the year - but my mind will change on each pattern each month so how do I pick?
  • Each month set a new garment (rather than pattern) ie. woven top, skirt, shift dress - will I try to fit too many patterns to my body then end up with no actual wearable garments?
  • Aim to make multiple versions of each pattern - if I set myself too much to do I don't want to fail publicly and then give up, this challenge has to be realistic
  • one pattern many ways? will i get bored? will my wardrobe be full of the same item? will I push myself?
I can see good and bad to each idea - can anyone give me any other suggestions? 

Ultimately I want to challenge myself to:

  • Learn how to fit patterns and get to know my body shape
  • Learn new sewing skills
  • Create wearable wardrobe items
  • Push myself
  • Give my sewing some schedule but not restrict myself too much

Maybe closer to the new year challenges will appear on my blog roll and this will help my choice! 

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated - thanks for reading :)
Kristy xx

P.S. I have updated the costs pages of my blog just to make it a bit more user friendly and readable!

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  1. How about challenging yourself to make (at least) one garment each month throughout 2016 using patterns you already own and fabric from your stash?
    If you plan what you are going to make then you could select pieces for a capsule wardrobe that features different types of garment or multiple versions of the same pattern. You might also be able to plan which fitting and sewing skills to develop with each garment.


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