Thursday, 29 October 2015

Pinterest Obsession

Hello Guys,

Long time no blog, and well, I miss it! I have been reading everyone else's lovely pages but nothing on mine - I have been unselfish sewing away in the background and will update as soon as I can but I have had 2 wedding weekends away and people visiting and a U2 concert (which was amazingggg) but I am hoping to get some pictures this weekend for anyone that wants to see!

Also, I have used my last two days annual leave this year to take a couple of days around my birthday off, and I plan to sew, sew, sew. My own personal 4 day Sewcation - selfish sewing - no xmas presents in sight and hopefully I will get something made to show you...still a month to go until that though - BOOO!

So no actual sewing but I just wanted to share one of my favourite places to be indulgent on sewing as much as I want. I am sure you are all aware of Pinterest but I just wondered if you all love it as much as me?!??!

I have 23 boards and 11 secret boards (these are a mixture of sewing related plans and non-existent future wedding ideas that I don't want my boyfriend to find and think I am weird!!!). I have over 1300 pins...think this shows my obsession well!

Among my boards I have...

Recipes that I have never cooked...

Handbags I could never afford...

Sewing tips that have actually come in useful...some may not buy you never know...

And of course all 30 year olds with a long term boyfriend has one of these boards....

...yet the hint doesn't seem to be working despite the many, many links to the board that have been sent...!

I really enjoy trawling fabric sites and looking at their offerings, pinning and pining over their beautiful selections and showing just how much I love all novelty fabrics!

I also keep a board full of my pattern catalogue I own (more visual that my page dedicated to the pattern costs) I keep looking at this board and making plans, really really shouldn't as my brain is full enough!

One of my most active boards is the patterns I a never ending shopping list!

And of course my sewing inspiration board that is full of stuff I am never going to be good enough to copy (hello couture beading) but I still want to look at all the pretty things...

I swear that wool skirt, top right on the screenshot above, gave me palpatations!

I am always on the look out for new people to follow, I love the randomness of what comes on my homescreen, so please add your username in the comments and I will drop by!

In case there isn't enough links in this post I have also added a widget thingy-majig to the right hand tool bar to make it easy for you to find me

Sorry this hasn't been the most interesting of posts but I just wanted to share one way I keep in touch with the sewing world when I am not actually sewing!

Hope to see you all soon with some actual sewing...Now I must get back to actually working (boo!)

Again, thanks for reading :)

Kristy xxx

PS - this happened on Monday night at the concert I went to...

I have a wee bit of an obsession with Noel....amazing!

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