Thursday, 17 December 2015

Unselfish Sewing - Simple Sews The Kimono Dress #010

Hello Lovelies,

Doesn't life get in the way??? I have taken on much more work at work (which is totally brilliant as I was sat bored most of my day) but it means I am using my brain and working in the lab much more so I am tired on an evening...which traverses to not getting as much sewing done as I would have liked.

Christmas is catching up, I made Christmas dinner with all the trimmings for 6 people on Saturday, 3 courses and about 10 bottles of wine later we were stuffed...much like my little friend here....

So here is a very quick and VERY satisfying make!

Simple Sews The Kimono Dress #010 

I have made this as a gift and it came together absolutely amazingly well - two pattern pieces if don't include the belt. 

I have sewn this up in the size 20 with no adjustments, this was designed as a dressing gown/cover up so no fitting needed and it is a gift.

I keep saying this but apologies for the bad picture!

Yes, I was enjoying a sneaky beer while sewing...

This material is a really thin cotton, almost sheer but I will say it is the nicest fabric I have ever sewn with. Pressed a dream, flowed through my machine easy on a low tension. Beautiful!

So very tempted to keep this for myself but I won't!

I cut the pattern to the size 20 and I was going to cut it down to a 12 for my nieces version and then an 8 for Richard's mums version but as this has made such a nice gift I will copy it for the next two I need to complete so can make it again!

I have this weekend to get these presents finished, nothing like a bit of pressure to get the machine moving as quick as possible!!! 

If I do not drop a line before - MERRY CHRISTMAS - may your belly be full, your presents be plentiful and you be surrounded by all the people you love! 

Kristy xxx

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