Monday, 18 January 2016

My 2016 Sewing Challenges

Hello Everyone,

Happy 2016! Hope this year is everything you want it to be!

Mine got off to a good start - Thailand was amazing but a massive infected mosquito bite and jetlag and general getting back to work has been pretty rubbish!

I am not letting that spoil my enthusiasm though!

So I wrote last year about wanting to do some sort of challenge for 2016. As I am already over half way through January I don't think I want to do 12 challenges so I am going to aim for 10. After plenty of thinking here are the things I want to achieve this year!

2016 Challenge 1 - Perfect Woven Top

Back in August (eeeshk) I participated in the Made Up Initiative to try get this challenge underway...unfortunately it was a big fat fail. Last night I tried on Simplicity 8523 again and I just aren't happy with the fit and I think I need to just leave it for now. It isn't for me. So I shall press on with a different woven pattern.
I will be trying the Colette Laurel as a top, if this doesn't work as the copy I have only goes up to a size 18 I will try the Colette Seamwork York Top. It is very similar to Laurel really but different size range (and no dress option).

Collete Seamwork York Top
If that doesn't work, I may cry.

2016 Challenge 2 - A Wearable Skirt

This is a very broad challenge really and I may try out a few patterns but I want a skirt(s) that I will wear. I love the idea of skirts but I rarely buy them unless for formal occasions (i.e. job interviews or funerals - and hopefully these events will be very rare this year!). So I want a skirt or two I can wear regularly.

2016 Challenge 3 - A Wrap Dress

Love them. I want to sew them. I want to wear them. Simple.

2016 Challenge 4 - A Shirt.

Since leaving school and going through puberty (I was a late starter) I have never owned a button down shirt. Everything always pulls in all the wrong places just in the changing room never mind in real life. I think this will be Colette Aster as I already own the pattern but who knows.

2016 Challenge 5 - Sew a Vintage Pattern

You only have to look at my Pinterest Boards to see some of the beautiful patterns once produced. I would like to try one, may have to be a reproduction of one to get the size but I do want to make a vintage pattern.

2016 Challenge 6 - Sew Using Jersey/Knit Fabric

Quite and easy challenge but I have never done it so it will be a good challenge to try accomplish.

2016 Challenge 7 - Sew a Fancy Dress

I want to sew myself something fabulous. I want wow factor. And how better than a Fancy Frock? No other plans that this.

2016 Challenge 8 - Sew a Fly Zip

One skill I want to be able to do, maybe won't make jeans/trouser making seem so scary if can do this already.

2016 Challenge 9 - Sew With Leather

Quite self explanatory

2016 Challenge 10 - Upcycle into a Garment

Use leftover scraps, re-use an unworn shop item, refashion a charity shop buy...not 100% yet but definitely want this as a challenge.

Phew! If you have gotten through that, I thank you! Some of these projects may overlap, I may sew a jersey wrap dress (Cashmerette Appleton I am looking at you) or upcycle some leather...but I WILL COMPLETE!

See you on the other side!

Kristy xxx


  1. ooh some really exciting looking challenges! good luck with them all :) x

    1. Thank you, hopefully will be able to complete them all! Hope you are well! xxx

  2. Phew, you are going to be busy. Good luck with them all, I am sure you will cope.

    1. I am hoping to combine some of them so it won't be too hard! Fingers crossed can complete!


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