Tuesday, 7 March 2017

My 100th Post!

Hello everyone!

I have just realised it has been a month since my last post. To be honest not that much sewing has been going on!

We went on holiday to the Cotswolds and was AMAZING!

It all got off to the best start EVER by the mister proposing to me before we set off - I still keep getting a bit emotional about it when think of it - I have been hinting not so subtly that I want to get married to him for years now (we have been together over 5 years) but with the baby on the way I thought it was totally on hold for the time being so it really took me by surprise!

It all started with a Haribo ring and ended with me picking a gorgeous ring in Warwick! Totally took myself by surprise with what I picked but I am in love

It was 1/3 of budget and in the first shop I went in... I got it sized to my hand...and unfortunately 2  weeks later my big fat pregnancy hands wont let it fit so it is on my necklace. Insert sad face.

Hopefully in 8 weeks when this baby arrives i will be able to wear it again!!

So, I hope this blog does not become a total wedding fest BUT I do want to DIY a lot of things - definitely not my dress though - wayyyy too much pressure and wayyyy above my skill set - which is a shame but hey ho.

I am currently counting down the weeks (17 working days...) until I am on maternity leave - I am having a BIG baby - currently in the 97th percentile - and I am tired! Looking forward to a break for 3 weeks befroe baby arrives, unless she makes an early appearance!

So, back to sewing.

After our holiday I planned to sew sew sew for a few days - what actually happened was we were both ill with a tummy bug and I spent 3 days sat on Pinterest looking at wedding stuff! 

I did get a lot of fabric cut though so my to do list has actually grown! Hopefully I will get some done this weekend.

I must take some photos and get some blog posts done instead of just talking about them!

My fabric stash isn't looking too bad either

1.       Lemon/pink flannel 
2.       Monster cotton
3.       Lobster cotton
4.       Safari cotton
5.       Navy broderie anglais
6.       White broderie anglais
7.       Owls from laura
8.       Whales from laura

I even took myself to Walthamstow when I wasn't feeling too well, and really didn't feel well when was there - only bought 1 piece of fabric - insert shocked face!

Anyway, ta ta for now

thank you for reading my waffle!

Kristy xxx


  1. congratulations! amazing news, can't wait to see all your

    1. wedding planning posts! (sorry clicked publish too soon!)

  2. Congrats!!! DIY Wedding crafting is the best (hello, bunting!) and you'll be able to make your little girls outfit for the wedding. Glad your pregnancy is going well, hang in there not long to go now! Xx

  3. Congratulations on your engagement and little baby on the way too x


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