Monday, 28 September 2015

Fabric Shopping 4 - Unselfish Shopping


So as a quick follow up to my previous post my Christmas sewing has gone forward!

I have finished the bow ties - this makes 1/13 makes finished - SCARY!

These actually used a fair bit of fabric but I managed to salvage some material from the failed Clemence skirt and two pieces from my crafty cotton stash. The rest of the flamingo fabric (1m bought in an eBay offer, the flamingo print is running widthways so I can't use it for a top as planned) will be made into skirts for my nieces, depending on how much can get out of it!

So I went to Walthamstow on Saturday and was sooooo hard not to buy more fabric for myself but so silly to as I need to just sew Christmas presents for a while!

I got 5 metres of this - seems so much! To make dressing gowns for the 3 little men in my life, looks too much, if there is a lot I may try to knock up some pajama bottoms if I have time and enough fabric. It is so soft for a polycotton, £1.50 a metre - £7.50 for 3 Christmas presents!

This is a gorgeous soft viscose, I fell in love when I saw it - got 3metres at £2 a metre - hoping to get 3 dresses out of it for the triplets (they're identical and fight if don't have same clothes, which makes it easier for me!)

Another lovely viscose for my eldest niece a dressing gown - Richard has said he may want this for his mums dressing gown though - 2.5 meters for £5

This is for Richards sister - its a lovely floaty cotton, quite thin but feels lovely! 2.5m for £5 again.

I still need to buy fabric for my aunties dressing gown and for Richards mum/my eldest niece depending on what Richard decides to go for!

I have made a start on cutting for my quilts - 3 in total, one for my nan and one each for my two pregnant friends. It is going to be much more work than i anticipated I think - all the cutting! It is my own fault though, I can never do anything simple once I have an idea in my head. I have designed the quilt blocks myself and now I have this in my head I can't think of anything else!

Very technical drawing on Excel! but it's easy to follow and I think will give good results.

I said before I am very aware I do not want this blog to be a crafty blog and I promise it won't be but I really enjoy shlopping all my thoughts down on here, please 'mark as read' on your blog feed if you don't want to listen to my rambling! Clothes sewing will resume as soon as possible! Promise!

I did make a muslin for some holiday shorts (much quicker than I thought!) so when the quilts are finished cutting I may need a break for some shorts!

Anyway, enjoy the last few days of September and enjoy the last few hours of sunshine before winter sets in!
I am off to try stop thinking of a lovely viscose print I saw in Walthamstow and talk myself out of going to buy it on payday....

Thanks for reading!


  1. i'm here for all things crafty so don't worry if you're not having time to sew clothes! looking forward to seeing the finished quilts :) x

    1. aw thanks beth! I am getting on with them but the end of my finger met the rotary cutter the other day and there was only one winner :( got a full weekend of crafting ahead - including finishing a wedding banner/bunting that I am quite excited to share as I really enjoyed making it so far! Hope uni is going well :)


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