Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Simplicity 8523 Muslin - Round 2

Hello Everyone,

Wednesday again! Every weekend should be a three day weekend, definitely makes for an easier working week that is for sure!

My morning has been pretty chaotic, worked from home due to a doctors appointment and let the plumbers in to check on the small leak I had reported to the landlord, by the time I had to leave my kitchen flooring was all up and a massive hole in the foyer (sounds grander than it is but I cannot think of a better word) ceiling had a massive hole in it. Turns out to be a leak coming from the boiler which means the heating hasn't been working - we moved in end of April and not had the heating on yet so didn't know that but the ceiling/my floor (we are upstairs flat) is all rotten and needs replacing. Dreading the mess when I get home!

Anyway, Simplicity 8523 has not got the better of me! Yay!


This is what I did to the pattern...

  • Retraced the pattern from scratch
  • lowered the neckline by 4cm
  • brought in the shoulders on the front and back (at the correct place this time) by 4.5cm
  • Lengthened by 5cm
  • I decided against the FBA and to just stop being overly cautious

And this is how muslin number 4 turned out

Muslin 4

Still not happy with the depth of the V - I do not want the lady lumps out but I also don't want to look frumpy.  The arm holes gaped, but was expecting that after last time but was happy with where the shoulders hit, will be happier when turned under into binding when in real fabric. So I followed the same gaping armhole tutorial as last time and lowered the V by another 1.5cm and sewed up muslin number 5

Not great pictures...but LOOK - IT FITS!!!!
No gaping armhole (but a strange fat armpit?!)...V perfect depth

So does the back! I can move my arms around freely, and its a good length.

After all these alterations my pattern looked a bit strange but I managed to round off the armhole perfectly fine (I bought a french curve - a really cheap one - and helped A LOT)

So, my fabric is cut for my first attempt at this in something other than sheeting fabric, I have redrawn facings for the front, cut out bias binding for the armholes and cut the back facing and have washed and ironed fabric for a second attempt - I am hoping I am not being too confident and this actually works! Also managed to easily fit it into 1m of fabric - bonus!

I am hoping to make good progress on this tonight as I have 8 days left of the Made Up Initiative - if you haven't already  made a pledge and donated why don't you give it a go? It is for an amazing charity! I am at a hen do this weekend and when I get home sunday I am not confident I will be wanting to sew so need to get lots done tonight!

Happy sewing and thanks for reading!


  1. This looks great! All your hard work with fitting is paying off. Can't wait to see what this looks like when it's made up. x

    1. Thanks Fiona, unfortunately I was way too tired last night to do any sewing, need to get some done tonight if I am going to hit the deadline! I am hoping it wont actually take that long to sew up!

  2. this is looking really great! the fit looks spot on, can't wait to see the finished top :)

    1. Thanks Beth, hopefully it will be finished tonight, didn't get any sewing done yesterday but should come together quickly tonight...deadline looming!

  3. I've just found your blog and am uber excited by the name - what's your poison...biology? chemistry? physics? All of the above??? I'm a space physicist by training, and I like to think some of the skills I've honed as a scientist come into their own when I'm sewing. I notice you're planning to attend the Made Up Meet Up - see you there!

    1. Hi Kimmy, I am a biologist! I am currently a lab manager at a university in london and love it! Space physicist sounds very exciting though! Ooo looking forward to meeting you too! :)


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