Monday, 5 October 2015

Too many plans too little time...

Hello Everyone,

Hope you had a fun weekend and Monday isn't too bad for you. Mine will be fuelled by caffeine completely.

My weekend was spent crafting, a family friend is getting married in 2 weeks and asked for some sort of wedding banner - quite struggled with the brief to be honest! So have decided on their names and date (quite obvious) and then 'Until death do us party'...they are a real party couple so I hope they like it. The colour scheme is cream and gold so I have been worried that the letters won't be very readable. I bought some gold satin and some ivory polycotton from the always brilliant Oh Sew Crafty (I have used this company countless times, their delivery is always quick and you get exactly what you have requested).

I have then cut the letters out of interfacing and fused to the gold and cut out, I am then planning on sticking/sewing the letters to the cream but the tag line I am sewing onto bunting so they can remove it off of the banner and keep if they so wish! 

Prosecco really has helped this whole process....!
Hopefully I can get this finished ASAP - bunting is cut just need to cut gold bias binding (soooo tempted to buy this but i have over half a meter of gold left so is just pointless!) for the bunting then get sticking/sewing! I then may have to go arounf the letters with glitter or something to stand out but will decide once finished.

Two of my quilts are in progress, but I made some errors with underestimating how long this cutting will take - and I have severely fallen out with my rotary cutter:

It is sat in the naughty corner and I am awaiting an apology from it for cutting off the end of my finger. This was done over a week ago and I still cannot let anything touch the end of my finger :( It was not an event I would like to repeat! I really don't enjoy the process of cutting quilts, it is tedious and your mind wanders and then this stupid stuff happens. I am also really impatient and want it done so I can move onto the next project.

Which brings me on to my next train of you plan too much like me? I have all of these xmas presents to make and I cannot stop thinking of other projects - I REALLY want to get Simplicity 8523 nailed and wearable. I also want to get some shorts made for my holiday at xmas. As well as some skirts. I am so inpatient and seem to be constantly thinking of new things yet I have a whole list of to do's and not that much time! 
How do you clear your mind so you focus one project at a time? Is it just literally head down and get things off of the list?

It is a weird feeling as at work I am very organised, I write to do lists in order of importance/deadlines and I just get on with it but with sewing my mind jumps all over and I really am struggling to be focussed. Maybe it is because I am not seeing great results with my personal sewing? I have a few spare days of holiday left to take before xmas, I am thinking of taking a couple for a 'sewcation' but worried I will just waste the days procrastinating as I seem to be most weekends! 

Sorry for the ramble, am hoping it clears my head a bit - I am even dreaming of sewing!

Thanks for reading my ramble!

Kristy xx


  1. hi! just to let you know that I've nominated you for the liebster award (you can see it here: thank you for your lovely blog :)

    1. Aw thanks Beth thats really kind!

    2. Aw thanks Beth thats really kind!


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