Monday, 12 October 2015

The Liebster Award

The gorgeous Beth from Sewing Soothes the Soul has nominated me for a Liebster Award!

The award is a way for bloggers to share their love of blogs and bloggers and pass on the love - I am not actually going to nominate anyone though, anyone that feels like doing this please take it as my nomination! I follow 302 blogs on Bloglovin  and just cannot pick - although I will say that Beth's picks are brilliant!

So I have to give 11 random facts about me that I haven't shared on here before so here goes!

  1. I have travelled to 20 countries - I love travelling and holidays and would love to go travelling for a year again, best year EVER - but I would want to do it with my other half, its just the savings part that is the hard part!
  2. I love the Harry Potter books (and to a lesser extent the films) if I have nothing to read I always return to the books, I must have read them over 20 times each and I never get bored of them, and I always cry at the last book, different parts each time but its Dobby that really gets me...
  3. When travelling I try to eat as much local cuisine as possible, this has lead to eating dog, snake and alligator.
  4. I am DESPERATE to own a dog (not to eat as number 3) but as I work full time its really not fair - and my landlord said no - boo to him! I want a Basset Hound, or just any big dog! I am the person that makes a bee line for dogs in the pub or on the tube.
  5. I do not want to have children. I am nearly 31 and the urge for motherhood has never appeared so I cannot see it appearing in the future! So when I am old I will be the weird woman with lots of dogs begging her nieces and nephews to visit! 
  6. I am an only child but my cousins all see me as an auntie to their little people - I have 5 nieces (including identical triplets) and a nephew. My best friends children all call me auntie too - add two more nephews to the list (and another bump is growing but its still a secret)
  7. I carry a genetic disease called Fragile X Syndrome, my cousin has learning difficulties as a result of this and my grandad suffers from the premutation issues that develop due to it - mainly shaking hands, which is getting worse with age, it is a real issue for him and has to drink out of a lidded cup and eat with a spoon - serving him peas is just cruel!  
  8. I cannot go to sleep in silence. I listen to a podcast in one earphone normally but if Richard is away (or I sleep on the sofa, which is becoming a regular occurrence due to mice in my bedroom!I hate mice) I sleep with a DVD on the TV. Normally Friends!
  9. I have not told any friends or family about this blog, I write it for myself not to please others so I don't want to become self concious over it!
  10. I have been incredibly lucky to get to 26 with 5 grandparents alive, sadly my Great Grandma died 4 years ago at a brilliant age of 94 and I lost my Grandma 2 years ago, a loss that I still struggle with. She was responsible for giving me my sewing machine and I wish I could show her how much I love it. BUT I have 3 grandparents still left and at nearly 31 I understand just how lucky I am.
  11. I currently live in London, I am from Leeds, I lived in Newcastle for my Undergrad and lived in Sheffield for 2 years while studying my Masters. I would love to live abroad, somewhere with a totally different culture.
This was a lot harder than I thought but it did waste quite a lot of Monday morning! Thanks Beth!

Enjoy your week folks, I should have some unselfish sewing to show you by the end of the week! I am making some headway into the 13 presents...YES!

Kristy xxx

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