Wednesday, 20 January 2016

I. Must. Stop. Buying. Patterns.

Title says it all really!

So, I bought the Sew Over It knicker pattern to try and stash bust and use up leftover fabric. £5. Will come in handy! And I also thought it may be a quick palette cleanser project when needed.

Product Image

And then this pattern collection came into my Bloglovin roll...

Burda Hotel Bar Collection
Seriously, look how hot this model is! I don't normally girl crush but she is unbelievable! So on seeing the pattern collection I immediately felt I would look EXACTLY the same as her in these patterns and therefore they must be bought IMMEDIATELY! And then I saw the price...$5 for supposedly 6 patterns....

1 pattern is gross, not sure why the hot woman has a curtain ruffle around the bottom of her skirt...

and two of the patterns are exactly the sam ebut with sleeve length variation but all in all $5 is roughly £3.50 for 4 patterns! WIN! And I think it would have actually been insulting to the hot woman not to actually buy the patterns. 

Got to say, it is also very nice to see a Burda plus size collection that is made up of garments that are not sack like, and have shape. 

My pattern stash cost page has been updated.

Now I just need to get good at this sewing and fitting lark before I attempt a Burda pattern!

Thanks for reading,
Kristy :) xxx

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