Friday, 22 January 2016

Colette Laurel Top - Part 1

Happy Friday Everyone!

My first full week at work in 6 weeks has been a bit of a killer to be honest! Dreaming of the pub and sewing all weekend has kept me going :)

On Sunday I decided to sort through my big plastic box I throw all my sewing stuff into when I have finished for the day to see what was lurking. It wasn't pretty.

But, I found a muslin I had made of Colette Laurel

No make up or smiles on Sunday
I was really impressed with the fit! I did find the paper version which showed I had cut a size 16 with a 1 inch FBA. I had also taken out a good 3cm wedge from the centre front. I did have a feeling that in only attaching one arm it may be a bit tight across the back (Xmas lbs are still clinging on to dear life) so I thought I would throw together another muslin, but a wearable one.

I decided not to refer back to the paper pattern but to use the actual muslin as my pattern pieces. I am doing this from now on, the pattern didn't need anywhere near as many pattern weights, laid flat and didn't move about as much. This was going cotton-cotton but still an improvement! The only difference was that I did put an extra centimetre on the centre back.

Please excuse the Minion Slippers (or admire them, I love them!!)

No gaping 

This isn't hemmed or edges finished for one main reason! The fabric.

I bought this fabric before I moved to London, I am sure it was about £7/m which isn't ridiculous but it is also not 'muslin' cheap. This fabric ran so much when washed its unwearable. But the main reason this fabric is unwearable is this:

A massive seam down the middle of the yardage! I have never seen this before, and if I am being completely honest as the print is so busy I don't think you can see it when on but now I am looking at fabric more I certainly wouldn't have bought it. And if I got it home and found this, it would be going back to the shop.

There is also another problem:

No idea what that says but this fabric has been washed. Why would anyone write on a bolt of fabric is highlighter pen?!! 

I took another 2cm wedge out of the front again once I had remade it.

This alteration is added to my muslin and I am ready to go make another! Hurry up weekend!!!

What are your sewing plans this weekend?

Thanks for reading :)
Kristy xxx


  1. What a great fit! Looks great (better than mine). Fabric flaws definitely come up from time to time. The manager of my local fabric store where I often shop inspects the yardage before cutting it. So I figure it comes up often. She doesn't mind when I give it a good look over too. I have saved myself some surprises after purchasing.

    1. Hi Janet, Thanks, I hope my real one turns out to fit as well! I will definitely be checking more when buying fabric, I really wasn't expecting it!

  2. this looks great! i haven't got many sewing plans at the moment, so i'm sewing vicariously instead! :)

    1. That sounds a good way, plans make me procrastinate - fingers crossed I won't over my challenges!


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