Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Fabric Shopping 5

Hello Everyone,

So, my stash diet hasn't been going great, with limited actual sewing of garments my stash isn't going down!
This is just a short catch up of what I have bought recently.

First Up

On my recent holiday in Thailand I wanted to REALLY do some fabric shopping but unfortunately my holiday spends were pretty limited (story of my life at the moment!) and I would rather spend my money on doing things - but on my last day I saw this. Now, I think you can get this cotton in the UK really easily but its elephants in Thailand so it had to be bought. I bought 2 metres of it and I am sure it was about £2 a metre. Totally worth it!

A couple of Saturdays ago I went on a meet up with some lovely sewing ladies through The Foldline. If you aren't acquainted with this site I would highly recommend. A social network for sewing! WIN!
So, there was a thread for a London meet up on Goldhawk Road and I went along.

The lovely Barbara over at The London Dessmakers Club has posted a more detailed plot of the day.

I was VERY sensible - I didn't want to be but I was!

A gorgeous denim, it is really wide so only bought a metre for £6.99.

I am sure I was told this was black wool crepe. I could be wrong but it is bottom weight and I bought 1m for £8. 

For both these patterns I am thinking Seamwork Osaka and it will become my wearable skirt as Challenge 2 of My 2016 Sewing Challenges

It has been non-existant on the sewing front I am afraid, I am hoping I manage to get some done this weekend. I need some relaxing time, life just gets in the way! 

Hopefully will have something to share soon!

Thanks for reading

Kristy xxxx


  1. Great fabrics- love the elephants, it's nice to have something to remind you of your holidays! X

    1. Thats what I thought, I miss being on holiday and think this helps haha xx

  2. Thank you for your kind comment. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the fabrics. And thank you too for the information about Fabian Trimmings in your earlier blog. I went there shortly after the Goldhawk Road meeting and got a quantity of zips, including some amazing diamante ones. Did you know that Paul's, with its rock bottom price fabrics, is only a short distance away in Watney Market? I was tempted by quite a few of them but restrained myself as far as only buying one, a wool mix plaid, and I'll be using one of the zips for that.

    1. ah I didn't realise that! I need to go to Fabians again in a couple of weeks for my cross stitch supplies so I may have to take a wander there! I love the one in Walthamstow!
      Did they let you buy the zips separately?


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