Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Fabric Shopping 6 - Unselfish Shopping, kind of


Happy Tuesday to you!

So as I am selling a lot of patterns on eBay as mentioned yesterday I was having a look through some of my favourite sites on there and decided to buy some fabric to make my Mum some cushions for her bedroom.
She is planning to redecorate next month in greys/silvers so thought I could make some cushions for Mothers Day!

Simple but thoughtful! And I NEVER get to make anything for my Mum so I hope she likes them.

Picture taken from favouritefabrics1 eBay shop
It is oh so easy to keep plopping things into your basket on eBay at one point I had 8 half metres of grey/silver fabric in my basket! My mum does not need 8 cushions on her bed!

So I was good and ordered this FQ bundle for £11.99 to make 3 cushions with different fabric on each side. If I am feeling clever I may try some piping the edges.

I also bought a batch of 10 16inch zips for a bargain £3.99.

And this is where I should have stopped...BUT this was soooo cheap!

Picture taken from regencyragsfabricstore eBay shop

At £2.75 for a very pretty fabric I couldn't resist! I do love me some sequins! I bought 3m - oooops!

I have never actually ordered from Regency Rags but only heard good things so we shall see!

I will probably show you final pictures of the cushions, as boring as the are!

Thanks for reading!
Kristy xx

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