Monday, 1 February 2016

A Brilliant Haberdashery Find

Happy Monday Everyone,

I hope you are well!

This is just a quick one today to tell you about an amazing find.

I was running a cross stitch social through a social network I am with (Thinking Bob) and I needed to buy supplies.

I found this website: but as people could sign up at any point before Sunday it wasn't feasible for my to online order.

So I went to Shadwell to go visit on Sunday morning!

Guys, if you want CHEAP haberdashery and trimmings (in bulkier quantities than by the metre etc) then I would go here!

Trimmings and Elastics

Buttons Galore

Need a zip?
It took a LOT of willpower not to go absolutely mental in here and buy EVERYTHING! Total treasure trove of brilliance!

Machine needles seemed ridiculously cheap too - less than £5 for 50 needles?! I just couldn't remember what sizes I needed! :(

I will go again, with a plan of things needed...and I would highly recommend it, the staff/owners were lovely! And no minimum spend when go there direct!

Over and out
Kristy xxx

P.S. No affiliations here I just wanted to share a bargain find!


  1. Thanks for this information. I have looked on line and there is some great stuff. Do you still have to buy in large quantities when you go in person, that is could you buy 10 invisible zips but have each zip in different colours?
    There is a meeting of our dressmaking club tomorrow so I will spread the news.

    1. I didn't buy any zips so I don't want to give you the wrong answer but there were no signs anywhere saying need to buy in bulk, the two guys working there were super helpful so I am sure they would answer any questions quickly enough!
      Thanks for reading :)


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