Monday, 5 September 2016

Cashmerette Springfield Top - The next installment


How is your Monday? The weather is GRIM in London today! Not a great start to the week, and I seem to have all my friends in warmer climates sending me amazing envy big time!

I hate not having a holiday booked, even a little get away to warmer places would be nice!

Anyway...not being on holiday means I have some sewing time...always a silver lining and all that...

My love affair with the Springfield top continues - I have had to step away from it though now, I do not really have any suitable fabrics left (OK I could use 2 from my stash but I am trying to refrain).

Nothing has changed with the pattern, all of these are french seamed, all finished with bias around necks and arms and hems!

I am headless in all these photos as was a Sunday with no plans to leave the house, I did not want to put any make up on - and I am really not up for putting photos on the internet of me without my make up on!

Left over fabric from my circle skirt - this one feels a little tight around the shoulders, I think maybe I have not cut this on the grain, I couldn't tell how I was cutting it due to using scraps so that could be the issue. Still love it

Left over elephant print from my cushions - yup I match the sofa. Added a band to make up for lack of fabric. I am not sure if the colour is for me though, will be a good holiday top (if I ever get one that is!)

Left over scraps from xmas presents last year, this is really pieced together - the springfield is brilliant for that!

This one again is from scraps, I made a Laurel in this but not sold on it anymore. This has stretched out around the arm holes slightly which is a shame, but definitely wearable!
Scrap busting at its best - this makes all these tops FREE - this is one of the reasons I wanted to learn to sew. Economical and unique!

I will update my costs page today too for an update on costs.

There will be no To Do List this week, I want another week at it to really make a dent in it!

Thanks for reading as always!
Kristy xxx


  1. Excellent! You've got some fab tops there. Are you going to do OWOP with them?

  2. These are great- they really suit you! X


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