Tuesday, 30 August 2016

To Do List 16


How was your long weekend? Mine was very relaxed. I went for 'a drink' on Friday evening, many many glasses of wine later, some dancing and a very dodgy takeaway later I was dead on Saturday. I was just tired and moped around in my PJs all day. BUT Sunday I had a very productive day and lots of sewing, and lots of cutting done so I have projects lined up ready to be sewn which is the fun bit.

So here is what I got done this week:

Springfield V7 (Black/Red)
38. Sewn together
39. Edges bound
40. Hemmed

Springfield V6 (Navy Flower)
43. Sewn together
44. Edges bound
45. Hemmed

49. Concord tee V2 (Grey) Fabric cut
57. Concord tee V3 (White) Fabric cut

65. Arielle Skirt - pattern traced (well, cut - meh) - I have started cutting the fabric too but not crossed off yet.

Xmas presents:
136. All 7 aprons cut
137. All 7 pockets cut
138. All 7 hats cut
139. All 7 hat bands cut
140. All 7 interfacing cut and attached.

14 out of 143 is 9.8% - not too bad I don't think!

So here is this weeks list!

Have a good week everyone!
Kristy xxx

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