Tuesday, 6 September 2016

My First Attempt at Sewing with Leather


Last night I had an hour between Great British Menu (I am a bit obsessed) and the new come back series of Cold Feet (seriously how good was it??) so thought I would have a go at sewing a bit of leather together.

Months ago I bought a leather jacket off of eBay with the sole intention of cutting it up to have a go at sewing with leather.

It cost £6 plus £2 postage (I think) and it was a Topshop size 12 long jacket with a slight rip at one of the pockets.
I got my seam ripper out and actually got a LOT of leather from it. The leather is very soft and actually quite stretchy. It definitely doesn't have as much structure as I was hoping but all ok for my first go.

I am in need of a new make up bag (exploded loose eyeshadow disaster) so thought it wouldn't be too hard.
A simple square of leather on each side and some lining and a zip

It is far from perfect but for a first attempt it isn't too bad!

The leather stretched out a bit and I have messed the zip up at the end

It is usable though! 

I used a leather needle (and snapped one on the zip!) but I think I need to learn how to attach my walking foot for next time (and there will be a next time!) to try stop the stretching.

I just need to order more zips now so can make some more! I will also say I need a little roller thingy (I saw people use them on the Sewing Bee) as it really feels like it needs pressing but obviously cannot iron it...

Anyway, quick post about something tiny.

Thanks for reading!
Kristy xxx

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