Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Fabric Shopping 8

So, the fabric stash diet I promised I would go on until I had used 10 pieces of fabric didn't quite go to plan...


I have had a good tidy up of my stash and I used so much scraps on the Springfield tops I made that I don't think I have done too bad. I also took a lot to the charity shop, to be honest they were mainly the bits I picked up at the Fabric swap that I think I panic picked up and in the light of day I just knew I wouldn't use.

A friend of mine then wanted to go to Walthamstow as she had never been, so I went - and showed a LOT of restraint!

3m @ £2/m - no idea what it is! And the colour does not photograph well, it is a khaki colour but very soft and quite thick.

TMOS had this in, I regretted not buying it the last time I went so I am glad I bought it now. 1.5m @ £2.50/m

So this has not photographed well at all. It is sooo soft and almost like brushed silk but at £1/m it can't be, can it? I got 3m!

Another TMOS buy, lovely cotton! £3.50/m and got 1.5m

Unselfish buy, this is for my mum! I want to make her at least one Cashmerette Springfield and thought she would love this fabric. Only £1/m too! Cheap Xmas present!

So after my clear out and the cuts I have already made I am now down to 15 lengths of fabric in my personal stash. I think it is manageable and I think I have a rough plan for everything in there. I am happy with the stash at the minute!

Thanks for reading!
Kristy xxx

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