Monday, 28 November 2016

To Do List 19


So, I got some stuff done this weekend! Not the important bits but still, I enjoyed myself and was very much needed!

Here is what I got finished:

Lullaby Layette Trousers
7..       Recut whale fabric
8.       Overlock whales
9.       Overlock stars
10.    Sew chambray
11.  Sew stars
13.       Add elastic to chambray
14.       Add elastic to whales
15.       Add elastic to stars
16.   Photograph
17.   Blog

42.       Bibs

I have done a post on the trousers and I decided to sew some bibs up as just wanted to be on my machine - there really don't warrant their own post so here are the bibs I made:

All fabric (except the yellow elephants) is from Oh Sew Crafty - I would highly recommend, I ordered this polycotton Friday afternoon and arrived Saturday morning - awesome customer service and my go to fabric shop for polycottons, their range is amazing!

I drew my own pattern using this tutorial and kept the pattern so don't need to do it again!

I also used my new snap fastener - so much easier than sewing on press studs!

My best friends little boy donated a bear to the baby (very cute of him) so here he is modelling for us!

Anyway, that is 8 bibs made, only about another 4 million needed I think!

11/44 last week - 25%  not too shabby!!!

Now, back to this weeks To-Do List

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