Thursday, 15 December 2016

Fabric Shopping 9


How is everyone's Thursday?

I had my scan - pic is on my Instagram if you want a nosey - everything is all fine, seeing 'normal' written over all the information is a great relief. Unfortunately Baby did not behave well and the sonographer wasn't 100% sure of gender but was 75% sure was a little girl! Very exciting and we have already started to refer to the baby as 'She' - definitely better than 'It'!

Now, since my first scan I have been very restrained, or so it has felt with the amount I want to buy. Especially fabric wise...but on prepping photos for this doesn't feel like I have been very refrained but hey ho!

So these first items were from this eBay seller; they are being posted from South Korea and not yet arrived, as soon as they have I will update this as to comment on their quality, and this seller has so many gorgeous fabrics I am hoping they are as lovely as they look so I can buy more!

All of them are 100% cotton and I bought half a metre of each. My total was £16.30 which included £5 delivery. These were bought with unisex in mind and I cannot wait to sew up a pair of rubber duck dungarees!

Along side these I have just bought some plain fabrics to try make some full outfits/use remnants up from one of my all time favourite fabric shops Oh Sew Crafty - their customer service is always brilliant and quick delivery (sometimes next day!) 

Again, half a metre of each 100% cotton.

Last week I discovered the Cloth House of Soho has opened a fabric warehouse shop up on the street I work on...this is dangerous!

I bought two half a metre lengths:

A stretch denim

A thicker canvas-type cotton 
The denim was £6/m and the canvas £4/m.

I then went and left them on the tube!!!!!!!! Devastated! But I have to say I went back today and replaced them as was so upset!

I have bought a dark teal cotton to go with the canvas from Oh Sew Crafty too - really hard to tell on colours on screen if it will match but I am hoping so!

While in the Cloth House I have bought some more fabrics too:

This gorgeous jersey remnant that measures 80cm x 145cm was only £2.50! I am just going to overlock the edges and sew down into a blanket, it is so soft and snuggly and seems such a shame to not utilise both sides of the fabric!

This was £4/m I think and really reminds me of the yorkshire rose, it is wide so just bought half a metre. It is a cotton but a bit thicker like the cream above - gorgeous pinafore coming up in that!

And finally another remnant 100cm x 150cm for £3! Not too sure what this is destined for yet!

Oh so very exciting!

Thanks for reading,
Kristy xxx

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