Tuesday, 20 December 2016

To Do List 22


It is nearly Christmas!!! Yayyyyy!

I am more looking forward to having 11.5 days off of work to be honest!

I had a very productive weekend after cancelling all my plans, I was tired and grumpy and REALLY suffering with heartburn (really should keep away from Christmas nibbles!) so I retreated to my sewing table - or cutting table should I say!

Here is what I got done:

26. More bibs - I cut 12 bibs from scraps, once these are sewn I won't be needing any more for a while I don't think

Lullaby Layette Romper - whale
35. Bind neckline
36. Add sleeves
37. Bind legs
38. Add elastic
39. Sew gusset
40.  Add snappers

Lullaby Layette Romper - bee
41. Bind neckline
42. Add sleeves
43. Bind legs
44. Add elastic
45. Sew gusset
46.  Add snappers

M7038 Dungarees - Rabbits
47. Trace Pattern
48. Cut fabric

M7038 Top - Yellow
53. Trace Pattern
54. Cut fabric

This is 17 out of 57 (29.8%) BUT I then went a bit mental with cutting up new things to do:

M7038 Dugarees - Denim
M7038 Top - Teal
M7038 Top - Duck egg
A-Line dress - Pink flower
A-Line dress - rabbits
A-Line dress - rose
A-Line dress - teal

So my To Do List actually got longer:

I am still waiting on the fabrics from South Korea arriving, I am sure some of these will get bumped up the list when that happens! I have the day off exclusively set aside for sewing and Christmas movies so hopefully I can hammer through some of these as well as getting stuck in over New year during my time off. 

I really do wish you all the happiest of Christmas's and all the best for the New Year!

Hope you are all as excited for 2017 as I am!
Kristy xxx 

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