Wednesday, 14 December 2016

To Do List 21

I wasn't going to do one of these this week, but I am clock watching and bored at work. Work has really slowed down on the run up to Xmas and I have my 20 week scan at 4pm; I am anxious and excited in equal measures and just want to get it over with! Anyway,...

This week has been fairly productive even though my weekend was disrupted.

I have realised if I sit on the sofa after dinner I fall asleep, then don't sleep at night, so in an effort to keep awake I have been heading to my sewing table for an hour or so and get an early night in.

The things I have done this week:

Lullaby Layette trousers:
4. Sew whales
5. Add elastic to whales

Lullaby Layette Shirt (seahorse)
42. Sew placket
43. Sew shoulders
44. Bind neckline
45. Add sleeves
46. Hem
47. Add snappers

Lullaby Layette Romper (whale)
48. Sew placket
49. Sew shoulders

Lullaby Layette Romper (fox)
56. Sew placket
57. Sew shoulders
58. Bind neckline
59. Add sleeves
60. Bind legs
61. Add elastic
62. Sew gusset
63. Add snappers

Lullaby Layette Romper (Bee)
64. Sew placket
65. Sew shoulders

20 out of 68 (27.4%) isn't that bad!!!

I am planning some sewing time going ahead too, I have managed to gain an extra day off of work at home before Christmas (yayyy) and I am back in London 28th December so actually get 5 days off at home which I am very happy about!

So here is my sewing plan...

I have a feeling this will grow as of this afternoon when I find out my babies gender!

Exciting times!

Enjoy your Christmas run up and if I do not get back on here before the big day, Merry Christmas to you all!
Thanks for reading as usual!
Kristy xxx

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