Tuesday, 3 January 2017

To Do List 23

Happy New Year!! Did you all have a good break? I hope so! Mine was very relaxed and quiet, but I don't necessarily feel relaxed today back at work but hey ho! There is no one about today (hence the blog post) so I am taking it easy for the day!

I didn't get anywhere near as much sewing done as I hoped, I did some but mostly before Christmas not in the 5 days was back in London after, we decided to try do some improvements to our home in preparation for Baby arriving, which basically means tried to increase storage space, a trip to IKEA, £300 later and we sat all day yesterday building cupboards! Not my idea of fun but it will be worth it!

So, here is what I did get done:

Christmas Presents
1.       Finish cross stitch - FORGOT TO TAKE A PHOTO OF IT FINISHED!!
2.       Sew hat – Lily – Ellie – Heidi – Emily

3.       Add velcro to hat – Lily – Ellie – Heidi – Emily – James – Ewan

M7038 Dungarees - Rabbits
36.       Sew straps
37.       Sew front
38.       Add band
39.       Sew legs
40.       Add snaps

M7038 Top - Yellow
43. Sew back
44.       Add sleeves
45.       Bind neckline
46.       Hem

A-Line Dress – Pink Flowers
65.    Sew up
66.       Close opening
67.       Add snaps

A-Line Dress – Teal
70.       Sew up
71.       Close opening
72.       Add snaps

A-Line Dress – Rose
73.       Sew up
74.       Close opening
75.       Add snaps

A-Line Dress – Rabbit
76.       Sew up
77.       Close opening
78.       Add snaps

Which is 24 out of 81 from my last #kristystodolist (29.6%). Not too bad but was really hoping to wipe it out. Never mind...

This week going to be hard to squeeze in some sewing time, I have to head back up north tomorrow for a funeral and then I am at my OH's friends birthday party overnight in Kent, then the weekend after the in-laws are visiting London so doubt will get too much done again so you may not hear from me for a couple of weeks.

Here is my next list;

On top of this list I have done a bit of an inventory of the many pieces of fabric I keep buying to try keep it in check - at which I am failing badly! I can't decide what to sew though...I have half a metre of each:

Lemon/pink flannel
Duck cotton
Giraffe cotton
Raindrop cotton
Star cotton
Robot cotton
Monster cotton
Lobster cotton
Safari cotton
Panda sweatshirt
Black sweatshirt
Plain denim
Red flower
Square denim

Hopefully I will have made some decisions about the above before my next list!

Wishing you a lovely new year and all the best for 2017!
Kristy xxx

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