Monday, 16 January 2017

To Do List 24


It has been two weeks since my last update, was hoping to do these weekly but to be honest I am sure noone needs to read them weekly (or at any point to be fair) but these are for my own motivation so will carry on!

All baby making central around here - I am going to have to rein it in a bit I think, this baby will be having a new outfit everyday for the first 3 months if I aren't careful!

So, things off of my list i have got done:

25. Reprint lullaby layette so can use different sizes
43. Sew
44. Top stitch

Soooo only 3 out of 54 BUT I have done more instead of sticking to the list:

  Sew/Overlock blanket – Cream
Panda blanket
Lullaby layette jacket
Kwik sew romper - raindrops
M6015 dress - robot
M6015 dress - ducks - cut fabric and lining
M6015 dress - Red flower - cut fabric and lining

I don't feel too lazy after seeing that!!!

I have also decided to push back some of the things off of my list:
M7038 Dungarees - the rabbit ones I made have come up really big so will leave these for a while
M7038 tops - Duck egg and teal - again its massive (and I really didn't enjoy sewing them!) so these are pushed back a while and therefore removed off of my list
Sleeping bag - I looked into making them and decided buying was better I am afraid! It has been removed!

So here is this weeks:

My fabric collection shrunk by 7 pieces (2 awaiting sewing but have been cut!) but it may have also grown:


So my list of fabrics isn't actually that much shorter:

1.       Lemon/pink flannel
2.       Giraffe cotton
3.       Star cotton
4.       Monster cotton
5.       Lobster cotton
6.       Safari cotton
7.       Black sweatshirt
8.       Geese 
9.       Gingham 
10.   Whales
11.   Square denim
12.   Flamingos 
13.   Black/White Flower 
14.   Blue Stars
15.   Navy rabbits

16.   Flower polyester

I am trying my absolute best to not buy anything else (unless its to match what already have!)
so next update will hopefully have a very shrunken stash!

As always, thanks for reading!!!
Enjoy your week ahead!
Kristy xxx

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