Saturday, 9 May 2015

Fabric shopping

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a fun weekend - I am home alone for the first time and realising I get bored on my own pretty easily these days!

I have found a good way to alleviate weekend boredom though...fabric shopping!

Gorgeous satin border print...Will not be easy for a beginner like me to sew but I got 2.5m of this and can see a pretty dress for the 7 (!) Weddings I have in the next year

I think this is cotton lawn and want to make a skirt for my holidays with this

Not a great picture, but it's a chiffon and sooo soft - 3m of this loveliness and I want a brightly coloured underlined dress

I am not 100% sold on this but it's so soft and think will make a lovely top for work - just a metre again

Another metre for a skirt (I am going a bit skirt crazy)

This is a buttery soft lawn - just a meter again

This is a linen and I bought this as it's got seagulls on! Seagulls!!!!!

If anyone follows me on pinterest u out will see i love novelty prints on sunflower so this won't be a shock!

I went to Walthamstow market and trundled around...I cannot believe all this cost me £19! I cannot believe how cheap it is for how good quality it is! Some of these lovely pieces were £1 each with the seagulls most expensive at £4.Bit worrying for a growing stash when this is 30 mins away from home!

Happy weekend sewing peeps!

(6 weeks on Monday for the sewing machine to arrive!)

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