Monday, 4 May 2015

My personalised colour palette


After reading this months edition of Seamwork (Colette patterns monthly subscription magazine) I thought I would have a go at creating my own colour palette. I generally do not wear many colours, I always feel my pale skin and ginger hair means I just do not suit colour. My wardrobe is full of black, white, greys, navy and the occasional royal blue or turquoise so thought this may be a useful tool.

Materials and Methods

I followed the Seamwork article to a tee except finding the corresponding paint chip number - I would have done this but it links to American paint companies and after doing all these collages below I had ran out of steam to try look for a British version.


WARNING: The following pictures contain a Make Up Free Kristy and it isn't all that pretty! I wanted to test this on my natural skin colour not on my make up face. I do hope I don't put you off your food while reading or scare any young children!

Using the ColorSnap app on my phone I took a few pictures and it came back with the colours:

I didn't take note of the colours from the background or my top

Think I have a bit of make up residue...ooops

No pointing out my grey hairs....

From here I loaded the RGB values into the Adobe Color CC website and took the complimentary, compound and triad colour recommendations for 8 different colours shown.

I then spent bloody ages figuring out how to do collages on a very slow laptop to try and show me the correct colours without using the base colour


There are no real shocks in the colours except for the orangey/mustard shades and the pale pinks. I have tried mustard before and it was awful and I would have assumed pale pink would just be a wash out on me.
I really like all the dusky mauve colours, this will definitely be nice to add to my wardrobe as will more earthy colours. It has confirmed I cannot wear many bright summery colours too which I am happy about as I think I would have been disappointed to have been missing out!


I am happy with this process, even if it did take me a bit longer than anticipated. But I now have a permanent colour palette to refer to when shopping. I also know which colours to team with what which will only help. I am going to get these collages printed to keep as a reference (much easier than finding the paint chips!) to help.
I hope I see some other blogs with this process, it would be interesting to see.

Just a quick update on my other news: I have moved house! Yay! I have also purchased a new desk or 'Sewing Table' so I am a couple of steps closer to actually starting sewing again!!! 

Thanks for reading
Kristy xxx

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