Friday, 15 May 2015

OSD - Obsessive Sewing Disorder


As I am still not sewing (5 weeks on Monday until I get my machine) I cannot keep away from looking (and buying but don't tell the BF!) at sewing related kit pieces or patterns, as I have been doing this I have come across some amazing sewing related items and I thought I would share some!

(and this is by no means a hint to said BF of any presents he may want to buy me just because I am awesome...)

'You're Sew Lovely' Greeting Card
Greetings card

All my friends have either just (like me in november) turned 30 or just about to, one of my best friends is taking her turn in June and we have a thing about trying to buy each other the most offensive card we can - its all in good humour but I decided to up the game for her 30th (which makes me feel a little bit guilty she made me a nice card but her real gift is awesome) so I have bought this cross stitch and am about 1/3 of the way in....apologies if this offends anyone!

The pattern is great and clearly set out which is making it an enjoyable make. She will love it! I will show the finished article as soon as I can!

The other thing about hitting 30 is that EVERYONE around you starts getting married - I have SEVEN weddings over the next year and as I love handmaking gifts (or buying handmade) I purchased this pattern yesterday

I think I will change the colours up a bit for the couples if I can work it out and I don't think I will have time to make it for everyone but definitely some of them.

Also, this may have fallen into my basket due to the 50% sale this shop has on at the moment...a Harry Potter themed home is acceptable right?

Also, I am actually starting to think about and plan Christmas presents - I know this is terrible as it is still closer to last christmas as it is to next but if I am handmaking them I need to get organised but I won't bore you with them just now

Have a great weekend guys!

Kristy xx

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