Monday, 10 August 2015

I am still alive...


Just a quick note from me to let you know I am in fact still alive but unfortunately no sewing has taken place for quite a while!

I have been hit with some sort of series of illnesses, the latest is being full of cold, not debilitating as such but a sheer lack of energy!

I have cut and semi sewn up a Miette

I haven't finished any seams etc yet and this wool blend (actually bought from Tilly in her fabric stash sale) is very thick and drapey. I cut a straight size 8 but I have a feeling will be too big once finished so will have to take in at the sides, I also have a feeling I have put the wrap on the wrong way. I will get this finished as soon as I can and let you know the outcome!

I have also decided to start a hexagone quilt. This will be an ongoing background project that I am not anticipating to be finished anytime soon.

I want to use scraps and will only use 5 maximum of each fabric - unfortunately I don't think the viscose I have are much use as too drapey but was worth a go.

Not much else going on around here, hopefully can get back into sewing soon as I am missing it - again!

Anyone seen the 50% sale on Simplicity and Newlook patterns over at Weaver Dee? I really shouldn't be looking but when I won their competition and bought from them their customer service was so good, makes me want to go back! Stupid really as I have lots of patterns that I haven't yet used!

Thanks for reading such a non-existant post!

Kristy xx

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  1. so tempting to buy new patterns isn't it! can't wait to see your miette :)

    1. I need shorts for my holiday so i am tempted to try learn how to make it down to three patterns, but trying to talk myself out of it!! decisions decisions!


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