Thursday, 13 August 2015

The cost of a handmade wardrobe

Two posts in one day? No nothing is wrong with me but I have just wasted my morning by fiddling around with the costs as promised on my previous post.

There is now a total of 5 pages on my blog:

Home - self explanatory
My Handmade Wardrobe - pictures with links to the successes of my labour
My Handmade Fails - pictures with links to details of my fails
My Handmade Wardrobe Costs - breakdown of costs for each item I have made - this will be updated each time I make something
Pattern Stash Costs - it is wayyy too easy to keep buying patterns, but the more I buy the less economic sewing becomes surely? This is a way to keep an eye on it and see what I use more and more
Fabric Stash Costs - I think this spirals out of control for a lot of sewers, could quite easily happen to me so I am aiming to keep an eye on this (plus small flat means less storage space) but it nice to know how much I am spending for it to just be sat in a draw.

Thanks again for reading and apologies for hogging your blog reader...

Kristy xxx


  1. This is a great idea to keep track of the cost and impact of your sewing. I always deliberate before spending any kind of money, so generally will only spend money on fabrics or patterns if I have really thought out the purchase first.

    1. Yeh I am not good with self control when see sewing things - I am in other parts of my life but not with patterns-have so many! Hopefully this will turn out to be a useful tracker 😊


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