Monday, 17 August 2015

Made Up Initiative

Hello Everyone,

How was your weekend? Mine was nice and relaxed with a couple of muslins cut out but not sewn together yet.

I am assuming you are all avid readers of Karen's lovely blog Did You Make That?

Well, if you aren't then head over there ASAP, its always a good read and she is turning her passion for sewing and her passion for literacy together for a good cause.

Made Up Inititive

This project came up on my newsfeed directly after my last post regarding how much I spend on sewing, it made a valid point to me, so I joined up!

My pledge is to sew a top that fits well before the 10th September. I want a fully fitting perfect top to be able to make many times in many fabrics, one that isn't boxy when stood up but isn't tight when sat down - and most importantly one that will fit into my every day wardrobe. I want it to be stash busting and my pledge included that I want to use my current stash for it.

Plans for the pledge: unfortunately I don't think the Grainline Scout Tee is for me after my last attempt, and I wasn't completely sold on the muslin I did of Colette Laurel either, I am going to try a couple more and see how it goes, pick the best and get stash busting. I am definitely going to muslin Simplicity 8523, and the recently acquired Mimosa Blouse from Skinny Bitch Curvy Chic (this has been recommended through the Curvy Sewing Collection forums to be not so boxy around the stomach when stood up, I also have my eye on the Salme Angel Sleeve Top that I have had a copy of for years and never touched. This is a lot of muslins but if I can get a top that fits I will be VERY happy.

This is a really good inititive, there is no recommended donation amount, just what you can spare and there are lots of amazing prizes for those that complete the challenge - many have signed up and donated on JustGiving so why not click on the button at the side of this page and give it a go?

This is my first ever challenge so would be good to see you there!
Kristy xxx

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