Thursday, 13 August 2015

Miette in Gingham

Happy Thursday Lovelies,

How are you? I hope your working week has been as pain free as possible and you have a fun weekend in sight! I have a friend coming to stay Saturday evening so am looking forward to that!

I managed to get some sewing done last night - unfortunately these are not completely finished pictures as the skirt needs to be hemmed but I cannot see me getting any better pictures in the near future so this is what you are getting!

 The Miette...

So this is another Tilly and the Buttons pattern and it is actually made from fabric bought from Tilly's stash sale.

I found the instructions clear but somehow I have got the wrap the wrong way over, I am not sure what I did but it really doesn't make any difference to how it looks.

When I first tried this on I have to say I wasn't happy, it is very much a shift in the usual silhouette I wear and even though I am tall I felt like it really made me feel stumpy which was new...and then I thought I would try it with heels and instantly felt much more chic! I got the Mr to take some photos (please excuse the messy house, the coffee table was moved to get a full length picture!). The pics really shocked me as it looks much nicer than how it feels so I am going to stick with it and hem it.

I am going to add either some press studs or buttons to the waist band though to make it feel a bit more secure as not sure if it is the wool fabric, me being rubbish at bows, or the fact I could have gone down a size but it doesn't feel the most secure tie.

I cut a straight size 8 but I think that if I make again I would go down to a size 7 to make it a bit more snug around the waist.

Not great back view but I really like the shape of the skirt

This pattern really would show off some fab fabrics.

All in all this is a WIN!

Do you all take notice of the cost of your makes? Obviously we all get immense enjoyment from sewing and it can cost a fortune when have a pattern and/or fabric addiction but does cost factor into your sewing plans?
I have decided to start documenting my costs on my blog, mainly to try keep things neat in my head but it always intrigues me how much people spend on their makes. Traditionally home sewing was a way of keeping costs low but with the Primarks and cheap high street stores literally everywhere I don't think always the cheapest option (this is not taking into account any ethical issues) so hopefully as time goes on it will become more and more interesting. This will be on a new page on my blog and I will let you know when it is live.

Thanks for reading as always!
Kristy xxx


  1. Love this! I really like the fabric choice and it looks great on. x


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