Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Cashmerette Springfield Top

It has been no secret I have been longing for a good fitting woven top. There are soooo many amazing woven fabrics out there, I want to be able to use them. Viscose prints are gorgeous and Walthamstow has so many, whenever I go I want to (and often do) buy lots but never had a great pattern to use them on, hence the fabric collections getting a bit too much for me!

I have tried Colette Laurel top 6 times and decided it was a failure (I never want to wear the ones I did decide was a success), the Grainline Scout Tee was a fail - way too boxy for me. Simplicity 8523 took a lot of work and was rubbish. I did like Simplicity 1364 but looking at the pictures I am not 100% convinced.

Then Jenny from Cashmerette released the Springfield Top.

It is fairly plain, but after making the Concord tee and it fitting perfect I thought I would have a go.

I was sensible and made a toile. I cut again a size 16 with E/F bust.

I was totally amazed, straight out of the packet, no adjustments! There was a little gaping across the top of the bust but no where near enough to want to fix it. Wasn't boxy even in polycotton sheeting I use as muslin. Perfect length. I was happy - and got cutting.

Even the cutting isn't hard work!

I made the plain front with no band and then the yoke and no band or back pieces.

1m fabric easy makes this.

I cut 4 in one go - only 3 so far are finished. But I will say I sewed all three in one day - well about 4 hours actually (after cutting)

Sorry this picture is a bit dark! Fabric Swap fabric!

Doing the MoBot after watching the Olympics for a bit!

Think this is my favourite - so far!

All the seams in each are french seamed, and all the edges are bound (and hemmed) with shop bought bias tape. The turquoise is a really drapey, thin polyester and I do think it really would have benefitted from self bias as it gapes a little bit due to it being stiffer than the top fabric. Hopefully washing will soften it up a bit.

So guys it is love, true love. I am now planning on buying a lot of cardigans and making a lot more of these so I can wear them over winter and actually get them into my work wardrobe as well as weekends. I can see myself just living in these all the time! A bit obsessive I know but when I can whip them up in yum fabric why the hell not! 

I have already cut 4 more.

All of these are from my scrap bag - the yellow elephants (a lot of colour for me!) is actually half a metre left over from my sofa cushions - I have used white polycotton for the bottom bands to eek this out of half a metre. Bright flower viscose I used before without success, can't wait to have a wearable top. The Red flower is from Xmas presents last year and the Navy/Mint flower is leftover from the wedding circle skirt I haven't worn yet. Four FREE tops just there! Exciting.

I actually cannot wait to get them all finished and plan my next but I am now out of woven fabrics suitable. I need to crack on with all my other planned projects to get back to the Springfield. 

There will be more of these to come. Hope I don't bore you with them!

Thanks for reading!
Kristy xx


  1. These look fab! I love the ones you have cut out ready to sew up. My favourite of the ones you have made so far is the blue floral top. Glad you have found your TNT pattern.
    You should wear these for OWOP (one week one pattern) in September.

    1. Thanks Caroline, it is my favourite too. The black one I originally cut long to try make a dress but it looked stupid so I cut it off and I think I maybe did it an inch or so too short and the turquoise fabric just isn't of great quality but I think this top is perfect in a viscose print so I am eager to finish the four that are cut!

      I need some more cardigans for September, but I agree, this will be a great choice for it!

  2. Great tops, they suit you really well and I love your fabric choices! Agree you should do OWOP. I'm thinking of popping up to Walthamstow fabric shopping soon can you recommend anywhere I can get some jersey fabrics? Thanks xx

    1. I have only ever bought 3 jerseys so I'm by the best to ask - i just enjoy wandering through the shops and seeing what's there! If it's a weekend and you want a shopping buddy give me a shout!
      Hope you are well xxx

  3. Hi Kristy! I am writing a round-up post on TNT sewing patterns on the Sewcialists blog for TNT Month. I was wondering if I could use some of your Springfield Top photos? I would link back to your blog.

    1. Hi Meg, absolutely, totally fine by me! :) thank you for including me!


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