Friday, 5 August 2016

The Fabric Diet is not going to plan...


Just a quick one today!

Fabric has been bought - I know I had a self imposed stash diet but most of the below is unselfish buying as I have been making plans for Christmas (yes I know I am super dooper early but will explain more below)...

First up - the selfish buys:

This was a charity shop find - 50p! Not that selfish when it is going to charity! It is a crepe, assuming a poly but it is currently my first nearly finished Cashmerette Springfield - and guys, it is true love.

 Again 50p in a charity shop, I am not too sure why I bought it - its not that nice! I think I wanted it after sewing with jersey for the first time, I wanted more. Never mind, I think I will use it as muslin fabric for something I want to test first.

I bought 3m of this for the Simplicity Bloggers Challenge as its lovely - but I don't think I am going to participate in the challenge, the dress just scares me and I don't really like it! so I have 3m if this! Not too sure what to make yet!

And now for the unselfish Xmas shopping list!

I am making 7 of the little people in my life an apron and chefs hat and giving them a baking hamper for their presents so here are the fabrics for each

SO Lily loves rabbits

Ellie loves unicorns...

Heidi loves dogs ...but only cute ones!

Emily loves cats...

James is dinosaur mad...

And Ewan and Dylan have got dinosaurs too! 

And the rest is for my Nan - she has a weird thing of putting these on her sofas and chairs:

Now, I don't like them at all, but she does so I thought I would make her some (just the head ones as without knowing the exact shape/size of the armrests I am going to struggle). I thought some nice embroidery on them would be something my Nan would appreciate. But I have never embroidered other than cross stitch so I have ordered this book:

It has the transfers within so seems an easy option. And I bought some polycottons in the colours her living room is in:

Not 100% sure of how to go about it yet but we will see!

So that is 8 christmas presents bought (yet to make) for less than £50 - I LOVE being able to sew personal presents for a fraction of the cost!

So the reason I have started early? The same reason as I was having a bad week the other week, after 9 months of being out of work, my OH got a job and unfortunately didn't pass his probation so I am back to being on a strict budget until he finds something. So I need to start christmas early so can spread the cost. I wish things weren't so materialistic and money didn't matter! Or if I am wishing for things I wish I could win the lottery and bugger off for a really long time!

Anyone else thought of Christmas yet?


  1. Do you think you could gift some of your organisational sense? I have a day free(well, almost) and I am sitting in a room surrounded by paper work, sewing stuff, knitting bits etc. and don't know where to start. So, of course, I'm reading blogs! I am always in awe of how organised you are.

    1. Thanks Barbara, I think I spend more time organising though than actually doing which isn't a great thing! If I don't write down and put things into action though I obsess about things, literally to the point where I dream about it so I have learned to write it down, start things then I can cross them off of my list. I am exactly the same at work!


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