Monday, 8 August 2016

To Do List 13


I really missed blogging this last week! and I feel like I have not done much off of the list as not had to blog it! So, trying to kick myself up the butt to do some more sewing I thought I would just do it!

So, here is what I have got done in the last two weeks:

Wedding Circle Skirt

  • Photographed
  • Blogged
  • Updated costs
Seagull 'Osaka'
  • Blogged
  • Updated costs
Cashmerette Springfield - SOOO excited about this pattern
  • Printed pattern
  • Taped Pattern
  • Toiled pattern
  • Turquoise V1 - cut
  • Black/White V2 - cut
  • Flowers V3 - cut
  • Powder blue V4 - cut
  • Black dots - V5 - cut
  • Black dots V5 - French seamed all seams
  • Black dots V5 - armholes and neckline finished with bias
  • All costs updated for each version
And I have also bought fabric for 8 Christmas presents.

Works out at 20 crossed off of my list of 161! Or just 12.4%

So, the list is still long but I am plodding through, cannot wait to sew up all the other versions of Springfield. Hopefully will have a blog or two to show you soon!

Here is the updated list;

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