Monday, 15 August 2016

To Do List 14


How are we all? Good weekend? I feel hungover today, totally annoyed as I only had 3 drinks, with food so really really not called for!

I had a nice evening though, so not all bad. I also had a VERY good Saturday of sewing so all good really.

There will be a nice blog post probably tomorrow about that!

Here is what I got done this week:

9. Print Chefs pattern for kids xmas present

Cashmerette Springfield - V1 Turquoise
34. Sewn together
35. Edges bound
36. Hemmed
37. Photos taken

Cashmerette Springfield - V2 - Powder blue
50. Sewn together
51. Edges bound
52. Hemmed
53. Photos taken

Cashmerette Springfield V3 - Black Dots
55. Hemmed
56. Photos taken

Cashmerette Springfield V4 - flowers
45. Sew together

13 out of 130 - 10% done....but I may have added to my list!

I am totally in love with Springfield so I decided to trawl my scrap bin and see what I could get out of what was left, you know them bits that are too big to throw away but you don't know what to do with??? Well I got 4 more cut. I don't care I will have a wardrobe of all the same fits, its comfy and I LOVE it!

Anyway - this weeks list:

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